Should I stop drinking coffee? How do I balance my hormones? What should my partner be eating? What should he be drinking? How do you get healthy sperm? Help!

When you're trying to conceive, it can often feel like you're back on Google every few minutes with a new question. So, we thought we'd speak to leading naturopath and author of Healthy Hormones Belinda Kirkpatrick and ask them for you. From fertility-boosting foods to the role of lifestyle in fertility, you won't want to miss a word of this interview.

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Since the 80's we've been told to avoid fat. Fat has taken the blame for most chronic health disorders from heart disease to cancer. Though fat from dairy products may not be all that bad when it comes to female fertility. The link between a high intake of low-fat dairy products and anovulatory (absence of ovulation) infertility has been well established.1 While a normal intake (1-2 serves daily) of whole of full-fat dairy products may actually be protective and benefit female fertility.2 Woman who are planning to conceive may benefit from swapping low fat or skim dairy, usually devoid of not only fat but also essential nutrients to organic, grass-fed full-fat dairy...

A lot of pregnant women report craving dairy products, usually ice cream, and it seems there is a good reason why. Full fat organic grass-fed dairy products can offer many nutritional benefits when preparing for and during pregnancy. While dairy products don't always agree with everyone, they can offer nutritional benefits including a complete source of protein, omega 3 fatty acids, CLA, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K2.

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In the weeks that followed the birth of my son, Isaac, a little over three years ago, it pains me to admit that I was that mother who (seemingly) had it all together. Isaac fed and slept like clockwork every four hours, so I busied my days doing what all sane new mothers do – not catching up on sleep, but channelling my inner Nigella Lawson...

I baked bread from scratch (yep, including the sourdough starter), made roast chicken for a casual Wednesday dinner, and had a fresh tray of something baked every second day until my husband imposed a ban. Upon reflection, I too want to step back and slap myself. Not only for my naïve self-indulgent ways, but for failing to recognise that it was all about to change. And did it ever. At about four weeks old, Isaac woke up, and never really went back to sleep.

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My eldest son starts Year 1 this week, and as much as I'm very happy (read: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS HAVE NEARLY KILLED ME PLEASE SEND HELP) for him to be returning to school, I'm not so excited about the thought of re-entering the phase of lunchbox packing.

It seems that there is so much at stake. Packing the right nutritional content. Ensuring it's easy enough to eat with one hand while the other throws a handball. Ensuring no plastic or packaging. Not delivering salmonella in the form of leftovers.

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For a yoga teacher raised in a Kombi van, the story of how Tahnee McCrossin met her now business partner and fiancée is very on-brand. That brand being SuperFeast, purveyors of tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms, based in the NSW Northern Rivers...

"I went to a weekend Ayahuasca ceremony", Tahnee recalls, "and after coming home, I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a guy who was presenting to a room full of people in Melbourne who looked rad. He turned out to be Mason, founder of SuperFeast, and my now-fiance and baby daddy."

Despite being enrolled in a herbal studies course at the time, Tahnee was something of a skeptic – but starting on a regime of reishi and he shou wu sparked such a dramatic shift for her that she's now been taking the herbs for six years, and is the General Manager of SuperFeast. Making health accessible is at the heart of what they do. "So much of what makes the foundation of health is free", she tells us. "Air, water, earth, movement. We want to make health accessible and get away from this daft exclusivity that has pervaded the wellness scene for so long."

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