Forget The Hospital Flowers - June July's Gift Boxes Are A New Mother's Dream |

Forget The Hospital Flowers – June July’s Gift Boxes Are A New Mother’s Dream

When I gave birth to my first son, I left the hospital not only with my gorgeous baby in hand, but with seven (yes, seven) pairs of baby shoes...

My generous and well-meaning visitors all seemed to receive the same memo, and sadly, not even one pair ever made it onto Isaac’s feet (blame the January heat and his 2-year-old sized feet at birth). While I was obviously completely overjoyed with their generosity (and the complete gorgeousness), I did return home without ever having considered buying more than one muslin wrap, and with a true hankering for a glass of champagne. It seems that Kathryn Cumming – the founder of June July – must have had a similar experience, because upon receiving her delightful gift boxes for new mothers, I was floored by their practicality and their beauty. They’d clearly been prepared by a mother who had done this before. Unsurprisingly, June July was born out of Kathryn’s own frustration in finding appropriate – yet beautiful – gifts for new mothers. Now, with her selection of perfectly curated gift boxes, we can rest assured that the new mothers in our lives can be gifted with a completely usable, entirely adorable package that will contain a little something for the baby (hello, lovely Alimrose bibs and bunnies) and importantly, something for mama (Moet and chocolate, anyone?). We spoke to Kathryn about the launch of June July, straight after we added the site to our Bookmarks, to have a cart ready to go for every expecting woman in our lives.  

Tell us about about June July...

June July curates and delivers beautiful gift boxes to newborn babies and their parents. We provide a convenient way for people to give a gorgeous, thoughtful, beautifully packaged gift to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. We deliver Australia wide, with international delivery by special request.

What inspired the launch of June July?

A gap in the market. I wanted to send a gift to a friend who had just had a baby, but there were no gifts available that I would personally want to give. There was nothing that I felt was my style, so I created June July.

What has your career entailed prior to this venture?

I have a background in floral design and events, which I love, but found that the 3am starts weren’t conducive to babies and motherhood!

How did you go about selecting the products to include in your boxes?

I selected gorgeous products that I would personally use, and would want to gift to a friend. I also made sure to include gifts for both the new baby and the new mum – both are important!

Tell us about your involvement with St Kilda Mums.

St Kilda Mums is a fantastic charity that I have previously volunteered with that provide essential nursery equipment, clothes, books and toys to new parents and babies who may not have access to these basics otherwise. I feel like it’s hard enough having a newborn, without the added stress of not being able to provide essential items for them, so June July donates 10% of profits to St Kilda Mums to help support their mission.

What do you think makes a great gift for a new mum?

Something practical and beautiful for the baby, along with something special and thoughtful for the new mum.

What is something to avoid?

I would avoid visiting new parents too soon, which is why sending a gift from June July is the perfect way to celebrate a new baby.

What were some of the most memorable gifts you received after giving birth?

All gifts were greatly appreciated, but there were a few gorgeous little outfits and toys that are particularly memorable, and chocolate was always welcome!

What tips do you have for mothers who would like to start their own business?

Establish a support system, and outsource certain tasks if you need too. Be clear in why you are starting your own business, I have found having defined goals has helped me stay focused.

Where do you see June July in the next 12 months?

Continuing to celebrate new babies and support new mums through gift giving.