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Gardner And The Gang’s New Summer Collection

We caught up with the Singapore-based Swedish-born founder of Gardner And The Gang...

Kristin Nystrom to talk punchy prints, time management tips and her upcoming collaboration with actress and model Jamie King. Go to to shop the new summer collection

What inspired the new summer range?

Actually a lot of negative events in the world. At the time, the shootings in Paris of the staff in Charlie Hebdo was very fresh. It just made me think. What if we’re all just friends? I felt an urge to encourage all children to be strong and proud of themselves. To stand tall and no matter what be who they are. I am a strong believer in that a secure and happy childhood lays a good ground for future happiness.

Top three time management tips?

Organise your workday and space. Be available but not 24 hours a day. This is my constant struggle as I get emails around the clock from all possible time zones and just want to give fast replies and good service. This has really gotten to me, so I forced myself to organise my time as well. Lastly, you know your business, but when you have people working for you make sure you trust their ability and listen to what they have to contribute. It is beneficial to everyone.

Can you tell us about the women's bomber jacket you created?

I get people saying all the time – I wish this came in my size. So I decided that I would make one piece every season that could be worn by adults as well.

What’s the most exciting thing happening in the world of Gardner And The Gang in 2016?

We have partnered up with Hollywood actress Jaime King for a collection with A LOT of meaning. And super rad. I cannot wait to tell you more.