Georgie Abay Test Drives The Most Luxurious New SUV On The Market

Maserati has launched its first ever SUV: the Levante. Editor Georgie Abay combines a weekend with family and friends with putting the most covetable new SUV on the market through its paces with three toddlers in tow…

Trying to get out the door for a weekend away with children is never easy. Despite military-style planning, it always seems to send stress levels to an all-time high. Usually, we’re half way down the road when we remember we’ve forgotten our youngest daughter’s cuddly toy (aka bunny). Bunny doesn’t look anything like an actual rabbit of course, and more a tattered piece of cloth. Turn around, grab bunny, and we’re on the road again.

L-R: Editor Georgie Abay; The legendary Trident badge –  the ultimate symbol of exclusivity, refinement and elegance

Yet this time, the car ride is a little different. We’re headed down to the South Coast with some close friends and we’re test driving the new Maserati Levante – the most luxurious new SUV on the market. It’s “this season’s hottest new Italian look” for a reason: it’s the sleekest car I’ve ever stepped into and no detail has been spared.

Let’s start with the beautiful interiors: premium leather, fine woods, platinum-effect metals, handcrafted contrast stitching, and more – it’s like stepping in a luxurious hotel room that you never want to leave. And naturally, being a Maserati, you can customise your car. From optional premium leather to Ermenegildo Zegna silk, made in Trivero by the Zegna wool mill with a patented process. Oh and did I mention the audio perfection of Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound? The Levante also delivers a ride so smooth that no toddler would ever be woken (Lottie slept the entire way down – this never happens). Whether you’re on-road or off-road, this car will take you anywhere.

Driving a dream car might have been the cause of much excitement over the weekend, but it was also a chance to spend time with family and close friends. It was a chance to make memories that you know will last a lifetime. You know those times where you’re sitting there with one of your best girlfriends – on this occasion Canna Campbell from Sugar Mamma TV – while your children play together and you have a quiet moment of reflection: “these are the days”. I still remember on the first night, opening a bottle of champagne and piling the kids into the bath. I sat there, watching them all together, thinking how lucky we were.


The kids didn’t go to bed until late on Friday night – too much excitement over being in a room all together and their new bunk beds. In the morning, we all went for a walk to meet the horses and cows. Again, memories that you cherish forever. They’re just simple things – we’ve all seen farm animals before – but there’s magic in watching the wonder and excitement in your children’s eyes as the animals in their storybooks come to life. And it’s even more special sharing moments like this with close friends. For me, nothing is more important than friends and family. Nothing.

As with many Maseratis from the past, the new car’s name is inspired by a wind: the Levante is a warm Mediterranean wind that can change from a light breeze to an irresistible natural force in an instant, mirroring the character of the first Maserati SUV

Canna Campbell from Sugar Mamma TV

After a trip into the town in our new wheels, we spent Saturday sitting around the table having a long lunch. When I’m at home, I often spend Saturdays cleaning the house or catching up on admin but during the weekend, I didn’t even think about domestic chores. Weirdly, I’m OCD about cleanliness at home, but mess doesn’t bother me when I’m away. It’s annoying – I often wish I could be more relaxed at home. Canna is the same.


The Maserati Touch Control 8.4″ screen provides effortless control over the onboard equipment and features. Fine-tuning the climate control, accessing iPhone or Android smartphones, setting a route on the sat nav, or selecting the perfect soundtrack for your journey are only a tap away. And by using the Aux-in and USB sockets or the SD card reader, the MTC can play music, films or display images.

The entire weekend was devoted to spending quality time together – something we all need to do more often (in Italy, Sundays are dedicated to one thing: family). Often, conversations with family and friends are quick and I’ll often be doing something else while I’m talking to them. It’s not often you get to slow down which is why getting out of town and taking a break together is so important. For me, it’s always been about quality over quantity.

The highlight of the weekend (other than spending time together) was of course test driving the Levante. By the end of the weekend, we were completely in love with our new wheels and the smile on my car-obsessed husband’s face said it all: if you’re in the market for an SUV (calling all families) this is the dream car. So what will the most luxurious SUV on the market cost you? The Levante is available to order from $149,990 drive away. See you on the road.

Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo | In association with Maserati | For more information, go to | Location: Contemporary Hotels