Today We Take The Next Step in Our Journey As A Business |

Editor’s Letter: Today We Take The Next Step in Our Journey As A Business

Mamas, today is a big day for us...

It’s exciting, surreal and nerve-wracking. It has been in the works for a long time and there were moments where I wondered if we’d ever get here. But we did, which reminded me of the fact that while things always take longer than you think they will, there’s really no rush. We all get there in the end. Over the last five years, we’ve worked hard to build a strong community of women. Our readership has grown because of word of mouth. The Grace Tales is spread around the world by women who love what we do. They love the content we create and the message that we spread: “you’ve got this mama”. We are a genuine brand. We are honest. We connect with our readers. We help them to navigate motherhood, which as we all know, is anything but easy. We exist in multiple spaces – content which drives conversation, community, events and next year, we will be publishing our first book. There’s lots more in the works too. In the beginning, The Grace Tales was a personal project. My intention was never to build a company. But slowly, it grew into one and I stepped away from my corporate career to focus on it full time. We’re not a mass site – every single piece of content that we publish is carefully poured over by our team. We work with talented photographers, stylists, editors, hair and makeup artists and more to produce premium content. It takes time – but bringing the premium content I used to create when I worked in print magazines into the online world was non-negotiable for me when we launched – and it still is. You’ll notice the site looks different – we’ve had a refresh. And you’ll also notice certain articles aren’t available unless you’re a GRACE Collective member (there is either a monthly or annual membership available). We’ve come up with a way of doing subscriptions which is modern and unique in the market. It’s a community-first model. Paying for online content is a mindset shift, but it’s one that needs to happen. It’s about finding digital publications that you connect with and becoming part of their community. And community is at the essence of what we do. The investment we’re asking of our readers? $16 per month or $199 for the year. The cost of becoming a GRACE Collective member is less than four coffees a month, or less than the cost of two local print magazines. Many media companies around the world have moved to a standard paywall model, but we’ve thought outside the box. We wanted to create a community, a movement, a first. So, we are going deeper and creating an extensive membership model. Along with unlimited access to our content, you will have your own profile on the site and we will promote you to our other members, you will be able to connect with us at GRACE HQ in myriad ways, you will be able to contact other members independently, build connections, promote your business or skills, ask a question in our private member-only forum and have real mamas give you their advice. This is about us as women and as mothers, connecting, sharing and empowering. We all wear many hats, we cope with a lot of balls in the air, but ultimately we all know that we’re ‘stronger together’. And that’s just the beginning. There’s also a GRACE box filled with over AUD$300 worth of incredible products (for annual members only), discount offers to your favourite brands, discounts to our events, access to videos from all our GRACE Talks events and more. It’s a big step for us and changing your current business model is always a risk, but it’s where media is heading and modern media companies like ours need to keep up. We’ve always tried to keep innovating and moving forward. None of us really know what’s around the corner – sure we know there will be more video, more podcasts – but beyond that? None of us can predict exactly where media will be in a decade. We do know that many of the glossy print titles you love now, will not be around. We have so much planned for the year ahead and we hope you’ll come on this journey with us. We will empower you, we will nurture you and we will push you to achieve your dreams, but also to slow down and stop. We will be a part of your motherhood journey. We will listen to what you say and react quickly. If you want us to cover something, then tell us. If you have an idea for us, tell us. This site is all about our readers – it’s all about you. We hope you enjoy the content we’ve worked hard on for our relaunch – there’s a lot to read over the weekend! Thank you for coming on this journey with us and I hope you love the new site as much as we do. Any feedback? Email me on Georgie x Image: Emmy Etie