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The Tale Of Georgie Watts


Photography: Trish Lee Hair and makeup: Regina Gao Styling: Kristin Trude Videographer: Sam Hastwell  Words: Georgie Abay

I first met the gorgeous Georgie Watts many years ago when she was working as a fashion publicist and I had just started out in magazines. Fast forward almost a decade and the smart, stylish Watts is still just as gorgeous and now a mother to Wolfe Henry, 5, and Kinga Rose, 2, and wife to Australian comedian, radio host and television presenter Merrick Watts who is currently a co-host on 2Day FM’s All New Breakfast With The Stars morning show.

The creative couple currently lives in Sydney’s inner west in a superbly converted candy factory, which they recently renovated (it was incredibly hard to edit down these photos – this house is seriously phenomenal). “We’ve been here for two years now... I love the way the lines between inside and outdoors are blurred, with internal courtyards and an entire side of the house being made up of sliding doors; when it’s hot we open them all up, and the outdoor deck becomes another room!” says Watts. Her favourite room is the kitchen. “It’s where the family comes together, it’s where we eat, and entertain, there’s always someone with their head in the fridge, kids drawing at the bench. It’s definitely the focal point of our home.”

Five years into motherhood, Watts says finding that elusive balance all mothers look for is still one of the hardest parts: “Striking a balance between being a mother and a wife, and of course being yourself, the individual, is the biggest challenge of motherhood. I feel infinitely better about everything if I have had an hour to myself here and there.” There’s also the sleep deprivation. “Both my kids were shocking sleepers,” she recalls. “Wolfie had a retained startle reflex, which meant he would startle himself awake at the end of most sleep cycles, but was easily fixed with chiropractic care and a few do at home exercises. Kinga was waking up every hour for a feed, until at nine months I couldn’t function anymore. Both times a wonderful, intuitive nurse, Anne Kohn, helped me through.”



Georgie’s little list of loves:
COFFEE! The smell, the taste and the little pick me up it gives!
Early morning walks, solo… now that Merrick is back to breakfast radio hours, these are a rare treat, on weekends and on holidays.
Sun and sand.
Family food safari. On weekends we jump in the car and drive, seeking out new tastes. Cabramatta and Bankstown are current hot spots, there’s such variety, and great people watching too.
Saturday mornings are spent at the Orange Grove markets in Leichhardt, stocking up on supplies for the week, and most importantly breakfast: killer bacon and egg rolls and gözleme.
Date night.
A nice glass of red wine.
The change of season. Cool, crisp mornings and evenings, but beautiful, warm, perfect Autumn days. Sydney really turns it on! And with the change of season, a change of wardrobe! Fun!
Lately the kids have taken a real interest in cooking. I love that they want to help and watch and be a part of it. They drag their stools next to the stove and help me with meal prep, peeling veggies, seasoning and most importantly tasting.
Holiday planning. We’re off to Singapore and Langkawi in July and I’m enjoying researching food and activities.
Making new friends through Wolfie’s school, such cool people!

April 2014


My uniform is stripes and denim...

I’m very concerned that stripes may one day go out of fashion…what would I wear then!? I also love a ‘Canadian tuxedo’ (denim on denim!) and leather pants….fortunately my fave stripes and denim shirts also work well with leather, so I can just rotate! I would say my style is perhaps more practical now, and my stain removal prowess legendary.


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