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Get to Know Team GT: Meet Claire Brayford, UK Editor

We thought it was about time you got to know team GT a little better. We’re just like you, taking it one day at a time and navigating motherhood as best we can...

We’re jugglers, we’re passionate about sharing the stories of other women with you, we’re honest about the ups and downs and we’re winging it as much as you are. First up, meet our UK editor Claire Brayford. Claire and I met through a friend and clicked instantly (I still remember the fabulous camel coat she was wearing when we met). We’ve have worked together for years – way back when I first started at Australian Vogue. She’s a mother of two gorgeous girls, a brilliant writer, incredibly chic and a lot of fun to work with. Want to know more? Read on. And if you’re in the UK or Europe, drop her a note at Photography:Helene Sandberg | Hair and makeup: Carlos Palma 

How would you sum up your role with The Grace Tales?

I’m the voice for The Grace Tales UK. From trends in childrenswear to interviewing inspiring mothers – it’s my job to ensure British readers are kept up-to-date.

Talk us through what you were doing before you joined the team?

I have been a journalist for 18 years. I was the fashion features editor on a national newspaper and freelanced for lots of different magazines, but the birth of my first daughter acted as a catalyst to assess what I really wanted to do with my career. I left and joined the department store Fenwick to launch their first online magazine. I had to create a unifying voice for nine very different stores around the UK and it was a job-and-a-half. When my second daughter came along I decided to go freelance and since then I have been lucky enough to join The Grace Tales team – my happy place.

Favourite part of your job?

Hubert de Givenchy said: “It’s the most beautiful job in the world to give happiness to people.” I love being part of something positive, thoughtful and bright – that tries to show the beauty of motherhood as well as the struggle. We all know what an overflowing washing basket looks like, but sometimes it’s nice to see motherhood captured in a beautiful way. I also enjoy being part of a brand that is so diverse and dynamic – there are many facets to The Grace Tales, it’s an exciting place to be.

What are your time-management tips?

I’m a very early riser, so I like to get things done first thing. I make various lists in endless notebooks but I work best to a tight deadline – if you give me a window, I will invariably stare out of it.

How do you like your coffee?

Frequent, strong and preferably not disturbed.

What was your last fashion buy?

There have been a few! My Steamline suitcase, which I put in its cloth bag before I place it in the overhead locker (I know). A Hades ‘C’ jumper – I thought I would get bored of having my initials on things but it appears I don’t. And my Pilo fabric shaver from Soda, which gives me hours of endless de-fuzzing pleasure.

How do you approach the juggle?

My husband is a sports journalist and he travels a lot with work. When I feel like it’s all getting too much I tell myself that I’m lucky that I even get the chance to juggle – many mothers don’t. I love to work and if it means I have to forgo things that are just for me (for example I really want to learn to drive!) then I will. It won’t always be this hard… will it?

Favourite work attire?

I always say, if in doubt, opt for tailoring. Massimo Dutti has the most gorgeous cream, linen suit with cropped trousers that is just the right side of relaxed. You can wear it to a breakfast meeting or out to drinks and it’s not expensive. I love that it’s summer now in the UK and I can peel off those endless layers. I like to wear shirt dresses or a sunray pleat skirt with a T-shirt – I have a beautiful navy pleated skirt from Jigsaw with a pretty sheer panel – then I’ll finish it off with some tan leather sandals and a slick bright mani/pedi.

What do you wear when you're with the kids?

I wear jeans from Donna Ida, T-shirts from Warehouse or Mango. I try to wear white jeans but always end up with a footprint on my thigh from some little person’s shoe. I wear white plimsoles – my favourites are by Superga.

Piece of advice for mums juggling work and kids?

One day or day one – you decide.