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Get In Line: La Ligne Is Our New Favourite Label

When you’ve got less than 10 minutes to get out the door, dressing needs to be fuss free...

Enter La Ligne, a new fashion brand inspired by stripes (yes, they’ve created the perfect stripe tee and more). Founded by ex-Vogue editors Valerie Boster and Meredith Melling, with the addition of Molly Howard, former head of business development at Rag & Bone, the three entrepreneurs boast a lifetime of knowledge, which they’ve cleverly thrown into one single venture. “You know those six pieces you have in your closet that are pretty much the only things you wear? We want to be one of those six things,” explains Bolster. Using a mix of horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes, La Ligne is all about simple, clean lines in classic colours such as navy, black and white, “with a certain irreverent human touch”, says Melling. Silhouettes range from contour skirts through to slick pipeline pants and updated basics, all of which fit effortlessly into your existing wardrobe. A direct-to-consumer fashion company, with no item over $550, this coveted, up-and-coming brand is your new fashion go-to.