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Get The Natural Modern Makeup Look

Long gone is the over highlighted and excessively contoured cover girl...

This season is all about a more minimal and effortless approach to fashion and beauty (hello Meghan Markle!) and about embracing and enhancing your natural features while keeping it real. The best makeup, however, always begins with good skin and an even better skincare regime. A glowing, healthy complexion – and following these simple steps – will make this look easy to perfect. Photographer: Steven Popovich | Stylist: Jackie Shaw | Hair: Brad Mullins |Makeup: Isabella Schimid | Talent: TJ IMG Models

Properly Prep Your Skin

A rich serum or oil massaged into your skin will give you a modern glow.

Cleverly Conceal

This applies to any area of the face that needs a little extra coverage, such as under the eyes, or any redness around the nose, chin and forehead.  

Enchance the Eyebrows

But only lightly, to give some depth and definition.

Bronzed Cheekbones

For warmth, use a cream bronzer lightly on the high points of you face – the cheeks, nose and forehead – apply with a brush and make sure it’s blended well.

Ideal Eye

Use a cream eyeshadow in a warm brown or bronze colour along the top of the eyelid and blend lightly underneath the eye also You can use your finger or a small brush for this. Then, using a thin brush, apply a line of the same cream eyeshadow along your lash line to add more depth to the eye and the final look. Next, use a black mascara and apply only to the roots of the lashes. This will give depth and thickness to the eyelashes without looking overdone or excessive.

Lastly, Lips

To finish off this modern look, use a matte lipstick for just a hint of colour. Apply with your finger and softly pat the formula into your lips, for that barely-there look.