Get To Know Team GT: Meet Marisa Remond, Editorial Director |

Get To Know Team GT: Meet Marisa Remond, Editorial Director

We thought it was about time you got to know team GT a little better. We’re just like you, taking it one day at a time and navigating motherhood as best we can...

We’re jugglers, we’re passionate about sharing the stories of other women with you, we’re honest about the ups and downs and we’re winging it as much as you are. This week, meet our editorial director Marisa Remond. An experienced publisher, she’s a mother of two gorgeous kids, as guilty of a weekly online shop as I am, super stylish and behind many of the features you read on this site. She’s also the co-founder of Grace Styling, a personal styling service just for mums (in a rut? Email Want to know more? Read on. And if you want to say hi, drop her a note at Hair and makeup: LUXit. Go to

How would you sum up your role with The Grace Tales?

I’m lucky enough to have a really diverse role at The Grace Tales. I work on everything from fashion edits to profile interviews and everything in between  – seeing an idea come to life on the site is still such a thrill. I work alongside Georgie a couple of days a week and it’s always a mix of filing stories, chasing interviews and brainstorming content and marketing ideas for future stories and events. A combination of all the things I love!

Talk us through what you were doing before you joined the team?

I’ve worked in fashion and media for a very long time, coming close to two decades, which is slightly scary! I initially started my career in magazines styling fashion and celebrities for both weekly and monthly titles. Almost 10 years I go I opted for a change of pace and joined the digital landscape, launching what now has become the POPSUGAR sites in Australia. This quickly turned into a publisher role overseeing the content and advertising side of the sites before having my first baby in 2014. I returned to the same company in a different role, working on content and marketing for a shopping affiliate platform called ShopStyle until I had my second baby in 2016. For a number of reasons I knew I didn’t want to return so very soon into my second maternity leave, I resigned. I met Georgie, rather fortuitously, soon afterwards, and the rest is history!

Favourite part of your job?

Honestly, everything. But a huge part is interviewing the most inspiring mothers. I absolutely thrive on hearing wonderful women tell their stories of survival – not everyone’s journey to motherhood is easy and I can certainly relate to all the hard times as well as the good.

What are your time management tips?

Be stupidly organised – plan everything ahead of time and share a calendar with your partner so you’re both on the same page when it comes to daily and weekly commitments. I use my Google calendar as well as a big family planner so everyone’s accountable! I also try and eliminate any dramas before they happen by doing things such as planning outfits the night before and doing a rough meal plan in my head for the week. Also, outsource as much as you can – online groceries and Marley Spoon are a godsend.

How do you like your coffee?

Cappuccino delivered to me by my husband in the morning.

What was your last fashion buy?

I bought some Re/Done black skinny jeans from Matchesfashion after realising that the whole ‘mum jean’ silhouette is really not for me. I also went a little crazy in Uniqlo and bought a variety of cashmere and wool knits in basic cream, black and grey.

How do you approach the juggle?

Some days better than others! It’s a constant juggling act – having two kids and working is no joke. I’m constantly trying to tweak our routine to get through things a little easier but I honestly don’t think it’s ever going to be completely smooth sailing. I follow a pretty strict routine with the kids which I feel helps the entire flow of the household – I always get them dressed soon after they wake up, and on the days they go to daycare their bags are packed and outfits prepared all the night before. My husband works for himself so is luckily available to share the load some days – having an extra pair of hands to do the daycare drop off or to occupy the kids whilst I’m cooking dinner makes all the difference.

Favourite work attire?

It really depends! I’m not one to subscribe to a “uniform” style of dressing but I do tend to keep things more simple in winter. A good pair of jeans, a nice knit and cute flats usually does the trick. I’m also very into long skirts with sneakers this season so there’s been a bit of that lately.

Piece of advice for mums juggling work and kids?

It’s not going to be easy but it is totally worth it! As long as your workplace is flexible, you can do anything, and chances are, you’ll be more efficient and better equipped than before you had kids. Keep on keeping on!