The gifts to give (and the shopping hub that'll make Christmas shopping a cinch)

The gifts to give (and the shopping hub that’ll make Christmas shopping a cinch)

I love to shop. I memorised the entire movie script of Clueless when I was at school (my parents were so proud). But come Christmas Eve and I couldn't think of anything worse than hitting the shops. I still remember the time I left everything so late I was the one knocking on retailer’s doors on Christmas Eve asking if they were still open...

The night I spent madly rushing around buying gifts for friends and family surrounded by thousands of other people doing the same. It was the first and last time I’ve done my shopping on Christmas Eve. I left having spent a significant amount of money on things that didn’t mean anything and a lot of stuff that I wasn’t sure anyone would actually like. Dad got underwear and socks. Mum got soap. As quickly as it creeps up on us, it pays to be a little organised at Christmas. These days, I hop online late November and buy all my gifts. Where possible, I try and support small businesses and go for unique gifts, which have a little personality. To make it easy for you this Christmas, PayPal Australia has just launched a fabulous new portal called Shop off the Beaten Path to help connect Australians with some of the incredible Australian small businesses and basically, make online shopping a whole lot easier. Some of them you would have heard of (hello Go-To skin care) and others might be new to you. Some of our favourites? La Tienda for Mexican-inspired summer style, Kate & Kate for chic homewares, Go-To for glowy skin, Byron Bay Hanging Chairs for furniture (their day-bed is at the top of our wish list).

For me personally, I love giving rather than receiving. I love seeing the happiness on someone’s face when you give them a gift they really, really love. According to new research from PayPal Australia, men don’t want underwear and socks for Christmas. They actually top the most undesired gift list. Followed by soaps, ties and photo frames. “Christmas shouldn’t be about simply ticking a box next to each name on your gift list. With more than half of Australians buying the same gifts year in, year out, there is clearly room for improvement when it comes to how we approach Christmas giving this year and beyond,” says PayPal’s Shopping Expert, Emily Curlewis.  She’s right and it’s all about getting in there early and being organised with your shopping. Now we don’t need any excuse to shop and we couldn’t wait to visit this amazing new portal and discover some exciting new brands. We spent a few hours online perusing all the amazing stores and we’ve come up with over 20 of our favourite gifts for everyone from mum to kids. There’s plenty more but we thought we’d get you started. Just remember, now is the time to shop so you’re not racing around on Christmas Eve. In association with PayPal Australia | Photo: Little Tienda pants, The Daily Edited notebook, Murphy & Daughters bon bon soaps and hand cream, Go-To skin care ExceptionoilShop Off The Beaten Path here | Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo