Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey Pens An Open Letter To Meghan Markle |

Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey Pens An Open Letter To Meghan Markle

Our London contributor, Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey, has some advice, hints and tips about the time ahead for first-time mum, Meghan Markle ...

Dear Meghan, I hope New York was wonderful, and that you are done with flying now. It’s time to hunker down and just enjoy the last few moments of being 2, before you become 3. I got stuck into Suits box sets, I’m not sure you need to, but may I also suggest some Hypnobirthing music and long walks in Kensington Gardens. I must have walked 20 times around the Serpentine to induce labour… It’s a great space for the mind, oh and it’s Bugaboo friendly terrain too for the coming weeks. I toyed with writing this to you, knowing you would probably have Serena and Amal, not to mention all the Royal obstetricians guiding you as to what to expect when you’re expecting… But I thought it might be good to advise on what to expect when your baby has safely arrived, and what, I’m sure the community at The Grace Tales all agree, is the ultimate rollercoaster ride. Firstly, please consider comfort before style – especially when you leave the hospital. I know so many people would love to see you were a simple loose Ganni dress and loafers. Just go easy. At a dinner this week, my girlfriends and I admitted we still wince at the memory of that initial, slow walk to the car following our first born – it applies to both natural and c-section births. Give yourself a moment, wrap your baby in a warm hug of cashmere ( London’s finest can be found at The Nursery Window ) and know that every mother will be gunning for you when you step out for the first time, into the sea of flashing photographers. I also highly recommend the Complexion Enhancer by Cosmetics a la Carte too… Especially after what could be 36 hours of labour when all hypno-birthing has gone out the window and you swear you will never go near your husband again… First off, feeding. You will need absurd amounts of fennel tea and an ample supply of oat filled foods, like flapjacks and oat biscuits (perhaps you can get Prince Charles to speak to the nice people at Duchy). ‘Eat whilst feeding’ is the maternity nurse’s mantra. Happy mother, happy baby. You will be ravenous and you must load up on calories to give your milk and yourself the chance to master the lack of sleep which will ensue. Secondly, fashion and breastfeeding don’t necessarily go hand in hand, so ensure you head to Seraphine just around the corner in Kensington for a feeding top, and stock up on buttoned shirts from London-based With Nothing Underneath which are both chic and practical. Just when your husband thinks he’s seen enough, you then get the breast pump out. There will be many cow jokes, to which you tell him to get out of the house, and go and let off steam with William. I highly recommend a Medela double pump if you can block out the engine-like noise which will haunt you for years. These are hospital graded pumps, available to rent and can be delivered to your home (or palace). Win-win And baby clothes – you are surrounded by so many beautiful brands – but if you want some London based brands I highly recommend the bamboo brilliance of BabyMori  sleepsuits, I will forever fall for the Brora baby cashmere, and you cannot get enough of Liberty London bibs which hide a multitude of sicky moments. Ideal for public outings when you really don’t want the BBC or Daily Mail to catch you out. (‘Duchess’s baby throws up in public’!! Pur-lease) Finally, you will be sent so many gifts. Stock up on vases. And when it comes to wading through the correspondence, you will need some colourful respite in the form of thank you cards from Jennifer Grant at Romeo and Jules Stationery. My advice? Get Jennifer to design a slightly smaller size card – smaller means less words! One last thing? Order a Sleepyhead. This is going to open a whole debate amongst readers of this letter but my Sleepyhead saved me and my husband. In fact, I wish they made them in adult sizes. If The Queen is asking what you and Harry would like as a baby gift (apart from a Turner or a Warhol for Frogmore House), then this is the King of baby gifts! Enjoy this magical time, you are about to take on the best role of your entire life. From all of us at The Grace Tales, good luck. And from me, a mother whose face is creased from tiredness, four years into this incredible journey,  but who still wants more babies (and Botox), to you – just boarding the rollercoaster – hold on tight, we’re all rooting for you. Ginnie