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Goldie + Ace Take Us Back To The Future

As children of the 80s and 90s, Goldie + Ace designers Alana and Chris knew all too well the beauty of a well loved hand me down.

A time when many kids clothes were made to last, and designed for fun. With a nod to the era they grew up in, their brand new collection ‘Family Ties’ takes inspiration from their Australian childhood.

With acid-washed drop waist jeans, soft corduroy overalls, colourful jersey skivvys (the nostalgia!) and old school parkas (that even have zip-off sleeves); this is a trip back in time.

As Alana said, “We live in a time where every purchase should be considered. Where quality should supersede quantity. A time where we all need to take a more responsible and thoughtful approach to the consumption of fashion and our children’s wardrobes.”

We’re all for it.

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