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GRACE Magazine Has Just Gone Live

As we edge into Mother's Day this weekend, we are so excited to share our latest edition of GRACE Magazine!

There is no doubt it’s been a busy few months at The Grace Tales. But in between global events, photographing and interviewing incredible women from across the world and planning the next phase of The Grace Tales (stay tuned, podcast lovers…), we have been busily working away on this beautiful new edition of GRACE Magazine.

Launched just in time for Mother’s Day, I hope you can indulge in some reading time as you put your feet up with a cup of tea or a glass of champagne as you recognise the amazing mother you are. Being a mum is not easy (gosh, it’s anything but), but if there’s one thing we can take comfort in, it’s that it’s a road that has been travelled by many, many mothers who have come before us all.

That’s part of the beauty of The Grace Tales – and of this gorgeous edition of GRACE Magazine. The stories we share show how many different paths there are to walk in this role of motherhood.

Some of us do it on our own, while others survive with a wealth of support (as you’ll read about in the story on grandparents). Some embrace it with seemingly effortless style (like the spectacular Ilana Moses), while others take years to be able to string together a sentence, let alone an outfit (that would be me). Some of us take to motherhood like a duck to water (like our ultimate cover girl, Pandora Sykes) while others can take a little longer to fall on their feet (even taking up to eight years to be diagnosed with postnatal depression, as you’ll read in one heartfelt story).  Some of us swear by a glass of wine to keep ourselves sane (thank goodness Raegan Moya-Jones announced this to the crowd at our recent International Women’s Day event), as others jump on the organic, mindful bandwagon.

The moral of the story? We all do it differently. But somehow, we all make it through. As you’ll read in this edition (and every day on The Grace Tales), we’re all just doing our best. Which means, we’re doing perfectly.

I hope you enjoy every second of your Mother’s Day, and that you love this edition!

Amy x

Read GRACE Magazine here.