Georgie On What You Can Expect At Our Next GRACE TALKS Event In Sydney…

Anyone else feel like this was the fastest year of their life? Seriously. Where has the time gone? Oh, that’s right – for the most part, trying to keep things together while running around after small humans who act like drunk, crazy people most of the time. Motherhood is the biggest and best job we will ever do and thank goodness we’re all in this together – how good do you feel after a chat with a friend or colleague who understands what you’re going through?

It has been a huge year for The Grace Tales and without a doubt, the best yet. In July, we held our first GRACE TALKS event and were blown away by the response. I spend so much time sitting behind a computer screen and meeting the women that we create all of our content for was a dream come true – thank you for being part of our community! It was also a dream come true to have such a stellar line-up of speakers join us for the event because for me, talking to and listening to inspiring, like-minded women is what keeps me sane, motivated and happy.

So we’re back at our desk and working hard on the next event which is going to be fantastic! We have such an amazing line-up of speakers in store for you.

I cannot wait to hear from Dr Libby Weaver. She’s written many books from Women’s Wellness Wisdom to Exhausted to Energised (um, yes please!). She has just released her new book What Am I Supposed to Eat, a go-to guide for making informed choices about food that won’t go out of date.

One of my favourite books is Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, which Dr. Libby wrote back in 2011. She explores how females are always in a rush to do everything and be all things to all people (anyone else relate to this?). Why do we do it? “One reason is because we care so much for the people in our lives. On one level this way of living comes from such a beautiful place. It happens because we have beautiful hearts, but even deeper than that it happens because we made up a story a really long time ago that we aren’t enough the way we are; that we aren’t good enough, tall enough, slim enough, pretty enough, brainy enough, on time enough, that we’re just not enough the way that we are, so we spend our lives trying to please everyone in our realm, putting their needs ahead of our own. We rush around and do all we can to make sure that others love and appreciate us so that we never, ever have to feel rejected, ostracised, unlovable, criticised, yelled at, and like we’ve let others down.” As mothers, we rush even more. So stop rushing and come along and listen to this exceptional woman.

We will also be joined by the founders of one of my favourite fashion brands bassike. Sydney-based Deborah Sams and Mary-Lou Ryan have long been an inspiration to me. They’re entrepreneurs, mothers, business owners, friends and more. I still remember when they first launched back in 2006 with the original collection of organic cotton jersey. I was working in the fashion department at VOGUE magazine. It was a simple idea – let’s create the best T-shirts on the market – and it just spiralled into a huge success story. They launched denim in 2007, and in 2008, added seasonal mainline collections. Throughout their journey, they’ve stayed true to their commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Over 10 years later, and bassike is one of Australia’s most successful fashion brands. You’ll find out how they’ve built their thriving business, manage juggling children with work, the secrets to a successful business partnership and more.

Next, you’ll hear from one of my dear friends (she’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed sane). This girl is an endless source of inspiration for me and I’m always asking her for advice. She’s taught me so much from why 5am wakeups are the key to a productive day (note: this does NOT apply to new mums – wait until your kids are sleeping through the night) to how minimalism can change your life. She’s made me rethink the way I approach money; she’s super stylish (confession: I often copy her outfits); she’s a single mother; plus she’s just written her first book on her ‘The $1000 Project’ (out next year). She runs her own financial planning business Sass Financial and is also the founder of Sugar Mamma TV, an educational platform where you can access her knowledge, experience and information. She will inspire you to create a future where money is not an issue, but a powerful tool. You’re going to love her and leave with a more financially savvy mindset.

You’ll also hear from psychologist and career coach Belinda Williams from The Bumpy Road who specialises in helping women with anxiety and depression during and post-pregnancy (I know I could have done with having her on speed dial in that first year of motherhood). We all know that whether you are conceiving, growing a little person, navigating those first 12 months or beyond, there are many bumps in the road (hence the name of her business The Bumpy Road). She’s going to provide you with practical strategies and emotional support for those less-than-easy times along the journey.

Excited? So are we so come and join our community and GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Holding image: Gui Jorge