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"My sister, Rebecca, and I are extremely close. We must speak to each other about five times a day. She has four children as well and her boys are a few years older than Henry. She is my best friend, my go-to for just about everything
Sometimes I feel like she's the only one who truly gets it all," says Sydney-based mother of four Louise Manning on her bond with her sister. She grew up in a busy household, and a big family of her own was something she always dreamed of.

Louise studied fashion design and went on to work for Eva Galambos at Parlour X throughout her early 20's. She studied interior design before her son Henry arrived. "I knew that, if it were possible, I wanted to be at home with my children, so I feel lucky that I'm able to do that. My family is my work and I'm extremely proud of them. I don't take it for granted that I can stay at home. I still love interiors and fashion and I will pursue something in that space down the track but at this moment I'm so happy and grateful to be doing what I am doing," she says.

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To say there's more than meets the eye to Stacey Duguid is somewhat of an understatement. The seasoned fashion editor and magazine writer is now the Fashion Editorial Director at Harrods, where e-commerce, digital content and styling merge to create the perfect modern-day fashion publishing role.

After climbing the fashion ranks at the likes of Harvey Nichols, Prada and Giorgio Armani, and then establishing her magazine career at ELLE for years, Stacey went freelance to allow for more flexibility while caring for her two small children, a move that both cemented her love of publishing and fashion but also confirmed that working in an office environment with a team was more her style…

"I worked from home for five years after leaving ELLE in 2013. I loved being around for our children when they were little, taking them on trips and playing in sandpits, but I also hated having to go back to my desk once I'd put them to bed. I loved being around to pick them up from nursery and school, but no-one tells you when you're freelance you might need to work on a holiday.Everything has its ups and downs, and things change, I worked at ELLE for a decade and was ready to leave in the end, but I just hadn't prepared myself for a career at home with two babies in the house. A maternity cover role came up at Net-A-Porter and given how much I'd missed the camaraderie of working in an office full of like-minded creatives, I decided to do it for a year until I figured things out.A year in an office proved I could no longer stand talking to the dog at home. Time to stop lingering around coffee baristas trying to force them to chat to me, time to get a full-time job, sister!"

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"My only tip is to shower them with love and to not make their life about you. It's about them. It's their life. Embrace them all and always think of ways to love them better."

It could be an extract taken straight from a modern parenting manifesto. Alas, it's simply the casual words Sophie Demenge uses when talking about raising her children.

It should come as no surprise that this wise, unassuming confidence comes from the brains behind one of the world's most beloved children's brands, Oeuf. With a signature stamp of cool creativity that has been applied to both Oeuf and the parenting of her own children, Sophie Demenge is the type of woman who has us chomping at the bit to see, hear, learn and buy more.

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At The Grace Tales, we're acutely aware that as soon as she takes on the role of 'mother,' every woman becomes a 'slashie.' No longer are they merely a lawyer, an author, a stylist, an athlete, an entrepreneur ... They become a woman who does it all.

And while we've seen our fair share of impressive slashies, there has perhaps never been one as remarkable as Annabelle Williams. Perhaps it's best you take a breath and a long sip of tea before considering just a little of Annabelle's resume …

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The road to become a parent is not often straightforward, but rarely is it as winding, long and painful as it was for Philippa Pomeranz...

Philippa – whose nickname Pippy speaks much more to her infectiously positive demeanour – had a path to motherhood that many of us could never even begin to imagine. Following multiple miscarriages and over seven years of fertility treatments, Pippy and her husband Josh devastatingly lost their twin babies, Ellie and Parker – delivered via surrogacy – after less than an hour following their births.

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The Grace Tales is a global lifestyle platform for mothers searching for style, substance, and solidarity. Driven by creating content, community and connection, we celebrate the paradox of modern motherhood; the struggle and the beauty, the joy and the relentlessness.

In April last year, we visited the gorgeous Kaitlin Tait at home with her son, Finn, just ahead of her first ever Mother's Day.

After a difficult road to motherhood, it was a time of understandable joy and celebration for Kaitlin and her family.

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If we ever needed confirmation that motherhood is universally challenging despite the most beautiful of facades, Chiara deRege is living proof.

As the brains behind some of the most stunning homes, offices and stores across the US (The Wing offices and Carolina Herrera's Madison Avenue store, to name but a few), one may assume that Chiara's life is as picture perfect as the spaces she designs. But speaking to Chiara is like speaking to an old friend, with conversation full of honesty, real life struggles and the questions that plague us all.

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