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Hester Aba Of Delilah Creative Shares Her Top Digital Tips

For small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs, social media and the digital landscape can be entirely overwhelming.

And while expert advice is hugely beneficial, it can at times be cost prohibitive for those of us starting out in business. That’s why we were so delighted that Hester Aba – the brains behind Delilah Creativerecently shared her digital and branding advice with us, and she didn’t hold back.

So if you're looking to kick-off your business - or take it to the next level - here are Hester's top digital tips.

  1. You NEED to have a website. Even if it’s just a landing page with your contact details. It’s not optional in 2019, it’s mandatory.
  2. Don’t kill yourself to keep up with your competition. The digital world can feel overwhelming and like you need to do ALL the things, like all the social media platforms, newsletters, blogging, sales funnels, networking etc. etc. It’s better to do one thing really well than spread yourself too thin.
  3. Focus on your processes. Make sure everything about your business that your clients or customers touch works really well, and is a pleasure to deal with. Invest in a proposal signing software or create a client FAQs page on your website. It’s likely that there are other people who do the same thing as you, so make the customer experience your point of difference.

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