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The Tale of Hoda Waterhouse

Photography: Trish Lee Hair and makeup: Regina Gao Words: Georgie Abay

One look at the glamorous architect Hoda Waterhouse and it’'s easy to see where her daughter’s dazzling dark brown eyes come from. It’'s a glorious sunny day when we visit Waterhouse at her chic seaside home in Sydney’s Balmoral, which she shares with her bookmaker husband Tom and daughter Rose. Her adorable toddler is playing peek-a-boo in a tutu. “"The best part of motherhood is seeing Rose grow, learn and change every day. She amazes me, she makes me laugh out loud, she drives me crazy and she teaches me so much about myself. I love her cuddles, I love her breath in the morning, I love the smell of her baby-shampooed hair, I love her cheeky grin. I guess the best part about being a mum is everything!”"
Waterhouse took nine months off work after the birth of her daughter. “All mums are working mums but I knew I would go back to my job after I had children. It'’s a part of who I am, and I am lucky to have flexibility with my work. Rose and my family will always come first.” Reflecting on the past two years, she says: “"My own mother was a stay-at-home mum with four children and only now do I understand just how much work, sacrifice and effort went into raising all four of us. Being a mother is the hardest (and most rewarding) thing I have ever done."”

On motherhood:
“It has taught me an indescribable love, patience, and utter respect for my own mother. Oh and being able to do everything and anything one handed! Your priorities all change when becoming a mother.

On balancing motherhood and marriage:
Husbands need a lot of attention! It'’s a very important balance and I think every family is different. It’'s very easy to forget yourself and your surroundings when you are constantly running around, cleaning, feeding and picking up after your children. But it'’s important to find time for yourself and your husband. My mother-in-law always says ‘You need to be the mother, wife and girlfriend!’ Tom and I try to have Saturday nights to ourselves for dinner or a movie.

On her daily health and beauty regime:
When I am getting ready, I give Rose her own makeup bag filled with bits and pieces that she goes through – it keeps her occupied for about five minutes – and that’s all the time I have for my routine! It consists of La Prairie moisturiser with SPF, La Prairie concealer to cover my big black bags, and two fish oil tablets. During my pregnancy I walked a lot, and also did Pilates. Since having had Rose, I find it hard to find the time to exercise but I do try to do Pilates on a regular basis.

On pregnancy:
What I loved most about my pregnancy was when I could feel Rose kicking and just knowing that she was there with me all the time. It was really magical. There was no ‘worst’ part for me – I was very lucky and didn'’t have much morning sickness. I did however have a lot of fluid retention and didn'’t fit into any of my shoes after six months.

On her advice to first time mothers:
It’'s normal to be overwhelmed. Just take every day as it comes. And RELAX! I look back now over the first year and wish I had enjoyed it more and not been so stressed about what to do and what not to do. While the days a long, the months will fly by.

On home organisation:
Never leave tidying till later! Just constantly pick up and put things away –otherwise it will get out of hand and become too large a task to handle. I always think of a number, say eight. I need to put eight things away in their right place before I do anything else. Rose also loves to help clean up. I think it’s important to demonstrate order and cleanliness to children from a young age. Make it seem like fun (even though it really isn’t!) I get Rose to help me make the bed in the mornings , she loves it and makes me do it several times with her. After Rose arrived we went from the motto ‘less is more’ to chaos and crayons. And sultanas – everywhere!

Hoda’'s little list of loves:
Sunday's –our family ritual of a long walk, swim at the beach, build a sand castle, afternoon nap then a late lunch of fish and chips.
Deep blue and purple hydrangea, they are beautiful this time of year.
Le Bilboquet –our favourite restaurant in New York.
The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition at Melbourne’s NGV , it is fantastic.
Jo Malone Orange Blossom candles.
Taormina – a magical place in Sicily where Tom and I got married.
Vicki Lee and Ted O’donnell’s IS/WET collection – I love the rose photography.
My Frank Lloyd Wright white embossed note cards from Pomegranate – I’m a big believer in thank you notes – and these cards are beautiful.
My Dolce & Gabanna costume jewellery earrings. I wear them all the time.
Fratelli Paradiso in Sydney's Potts Point – Rose loves the lasagne there.
North & South by Elizabeth Gaskell. I just finished reading it and really enjoyed it.




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