How Elle Macpherson helped kick my chocolate habit

If you had told me a year ago that I’d have given up chocolate (bar the occasional indulgence), I wouldn’t have believed you...

Chocolate and I go way back. We’ve been friends for longer than I can remember. I credit chocolate with getting me through the early days of motherhood (and coffee – how could I forget my dear friend coffee?). I relied on chocolate. And I don’t mean the healthy dark variety – creamy milk chocolate only. So how did I finally get off the stuff? Elle Macpherson.

I know what you’re thinking – how did Elle help? Are you guys, like, good friends? No I’m pretty sure Elle’s got better things to do than help a sleep-deprived sugar addict like me. She helped me indirectly: I started taking two teaspoons of the cult alkalising greens – otherwise known as WelleCo’s The Super Elixir – that she co-founded with Andrea Bux, every single day. My chocolate ban started when I embarked on The Super Elixir 30 day challenge and I just never started eating it regularly again. By the end of the 30 days, the daily chocolate habit was well and truly kicked and I felt like a new version of myself.

So what exactly is this magic green powder? It’s all-natural, vegan-friendly and loaded with 45 premium cold pressed bio-live ingredients such as super greens, Chinese herbs, and digestive enzymes to maintain your body’s pH balance. And more to the point, what will it do for busy, tired mothers? Give you your energy back. Macpherson’s go-to nutrition coach and the woman who formulated The Super Elixir Dr. Simone Laubscher explains: “Your skin should always run slightly acidic so it holds moisture and your body should always run alkaline. When you take The Super Elixir, your internal environment flips alkaline and your skin will become slightly more acidic. Ensuring the body is internally alkaline and putting you into balance will have a positive effect on the skin.”

After I started taking it, I didn’t miss a day (just ask my husband who watched in amazement as his wife swapped chocolate for green powder). Somehow, as my energy levels began to stabilize, I just stopped craving so much sugar. The other night I ate a Lindt ball, just because it was in the fridge. I only ate half – the taste just didn’t appeal to me. This is unbelievable stuff for someone like me – I loved chocolate! It just shows that while bad habits are hard to break, once they’re broken, you’ll wonder why you were ever so addicted.

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So back to my new super powder. Most people take The Super Elixir in the morning, but I’m not very good with things in the morning (coffee is all I’ll have until around 10am – I’m still working on that habit) so I got into the routine of having it after dinner. It sounds strange, but it was a reminder of my new health goals and meant I didn’t reach for chocolate. Usually, I’d always have chocolate or some other sweet treat after dessert, but taking The Super Elixir was a reminder to stay strong. I’d mix it with coconut water. At first, I didn’t particularly like the taste, but it wasn’t horrible. This is coming from a girl who only started eating kale last year (it takes me a while to get into these trendy super foods). But now, I actually like it. It tastes really healthy – because, that’s exactly what it is.

Lately, I’ve been having it in a mid-morning smoothie – coconut water, alkalising greens, banana… It’s a habit that’s stuck. As a mother of two, focusing on my own wellbeing is never high on my list, but this is an easy health hack. It requires zero effort to consume each day and the results are phenomenal. I’m also getting my kids involved. WellCo has just introduced their first Super Kids supplement (read all about it here).

I don’t think I’ll be nicknamed ‘The Body’ anytime soon (sigh) but I feel better inside and out. I’m also still a fan of everything in moderation. If I feel like chocolate or something sweet, I’ll have it. And so will Elle’s friend Aerin Lauder, who collaborated with The Super Elixir on a special AERIN X THE SUPER ELIXIR limited edition gold ceramic Caddy. “You need everything in moderation. And I think if you want to go out and have something like a hamburger and French fries you should do that too, life is all about balance.” I hear you Aerin.

So the challenge I’m setting you? Add two teaspoons of The Super Elixir alkalising greens to your water or smoothie every day for 30 days. You’ll notice a huge difference to how you feel and when you’re a mother, feeling good is priceless.

Photo: Simon Upton | Words: Georgie Abay | In association with WellCo | Read our exclusive interview with Elle Macpherson in the new issue of GRACE magazine here