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How Rachael Finch Tackles Meal Planning and Lunchbox Prep at Home and Away

If you've ever wondered what a typical day on a plate looked like for wellness advocate, businesswoman, model, and mother of two Rachael Finch, look no further...

We quizzed her on what meal time looks like at home and when she’s out and about, and how she tackles things like lunchbox prep and birthday parties and were seriously inspired by the lack of pretension and fuss she actually puts into practice at home. Simple steak and three veg and leftovers get top marks for both simplicity and health, while it’s all about forward planning and a stocked pantry when it comes to kids’ meals and preparation. 

Hot on the tail of her latest product launch – Kissed Earth, a range of collagen and protein powders to help aid optimal health on the inside as well as outside, we caught up with Rachael to talk food and motherhood, and as always were left endlessly inspired by her constant desire to promote wellness in an attainable and approachable way. 


Can you talk us through a typical day on your plate - what are you eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks day-to-day?

My days can be so incredibly different, but I usually like to whip up easy to make meals from my BODY by Finch program, which can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. 

For breakfast, it changes seasonally! When it’s warm and balmy; I love my smoothie bowls. I include things like spinach, banana, chia seeds, nut butter, coconut milk, and cacao nibs. Delicious! 

For lunch, I love leftovers! They are the perfect healthy lunch dish and easy to whip up in the day. We include leftover options in my program, but also a huge variety of dishes. 

For dinner, some favourites include chicken skewers, grilled salmon or a good steak with potatoes and vegetables. Simple, healthy and delicious.  


How do you approach meal planning each week - do you have time to cook from scratch each meal or do you freezer/meal plan?

It really depends on what the day and week ahead will be like – it changes so much! I am constantly adapting my approach to food – so If I know I’ll be away with no kitchen, I’ll plan in advance as much as I can. I’ll buy as much as I can ahead, and pre-cut, pack and then pick up what fresh produce I need once there. When home, I purchase all staples in advance, but always buy meat and fish (proteins) daily – I always have a base staple selection of goods in the fridge and pantry

What about the kids and family meals - do you all eat the same thing at the same time each day? 

Not necessarily as our schedules can be so different.  Violet’s school lunch will often be different to what we eat at home for lunch, but for dinner, we all eat the same. If I am making something that has a spice or heavy element I know the kids may not love, I’ll be sure to just serve the sauce to Misha (my husband) and I. 

Violet is now at school - what is a typical lunchbox scenario for her and how does she do at eating everything each day? 

I do my best to make and provide them with macro-balanced foods with a good mix of fruit, grains, proteins and fats (e.g. avocado, olives – things that are nut-free). It could include leftover chicken and lamb, as well as eggs, veggie sticks and clean treats from the program. 

About 80% of the lunch box comes back eaten which his great, and I aim to change it up daily depending on what they feel like, and what we have leftover.  

What is your approach to sugar and sweets at home and everyday - mums often crave sugar, how do you combat this (particularly when dark chocolate doesn’t cut it!)

My whole ethos is to eat clean treats which make me feel sustained, wholesome and not left craving anything. I have something I consider a treat every day. It could be truffles, coconut and banana ice cream, carrot cake… Healthy treats with nourishing ingredients so I don’t feel crap or get sugar highs and lows. 


What about kids’ birthday parties and events - do you impose food rules with your kids or are you more relaxed about birthdays and special occasions? 

When Violet goes to a party there will be things we don’t always have at home and I’m totally ok with that.

I’ve explained to her why we eat the way we do at home – to give us the energy to play with our friends, keep our bodies and hair healthy – I try to explain to her as best as possible. 

I also make sure she has a nutritious meal pre-party, so she can then enjoy the snacks and treats – it’s not always and I am really relaxed about that. 

What is a failsafe, no-fuss meal you make when time is of the essence? 

Definitely a one tray bake – I throw in salmon, sweet potatoes, broccolini, pop it in the oven and we’re done! 

You recently said on social media that you like to continue to cook and meal plan whilst on holidays - is this the case every day, do you ever want a break?

NO, I love it, ha-ha! Cooking is the best thing and gives me so much satisfaction. It’s tranquil, therapeutic and I love cooking for my family! 

What about eating out or at restaurants, what would be a typical meal to order and does that include dessert? 

I always try and eat at places that are ethical, sustainable and conscious of what they are serving. I don’t tend to have dessert unless it’s a healthy treat, or like I’d make at home. I tend to look for sushi, macro bowls, buddha bowls, etc. 

Where did your interest in healthy food and lifestyle come from, have you always been this way? 

I grew up outdoors being athletic and super sporty so we were always encouraged to fuel ourselves for energy. When I moved into modelling, I had to think of how to best care for my body so I could sustain my career and lifestyle. I fused my knowledge, and love of it, to work out how to make myself feel as best I could. Happier, healthier and stronger. My ultimate goal is to live my best life! And it’s my passion to share that with others.