How to be a Happy and Calm Parent in Times of Crisis with Justin Coulson | Ep 02 - The Grace Tales

How to be a Happy and Calm Parent in Times of Crisis with Justin Coulson | Ep 02

Dr Justin Coulson has so many qualifications and accolades to his name they’re almost impossible to list – but if we were going to try, number one on the list would be the fact that he has six daughters – yes, six! Throw in a PHD in Psychology, several parenting books to his name, and a spectacular career including delivering keynote speeches, acting on advisory boards, and consulting for the Federal Government, and you might start to get a little insight into why we are so incredibly excited to be chatting with him today.

In this insightful but reassuringly realistic interview, we cover everything from parenting without shouting (yes, it’s possible), to why children don’t make us happy – and why they shouldn’t. He talks us through:

  • The difference between discipline and punishment
  • How our emotions are contagious
  • Why he likes to ask ‘what would Batman do?’
  • How to get your kids to clean up (without yelling!)
  • Why his kids don’t believe in the Easter Bunny
  • The three E’s of effective discipline
  • How our teenagers are like a swimming pool (just trust us on this one)
  • Plus, he talks us through parenting during the Coronavirus pandemic, and how we can manage homeschooling and working from home, without losing our minds.

Justin is the founder of Happy Families

You can follow him on Instagram @drjustincoulson or tune into his podcast here

Purchase his new book Miss-Connection here