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How to Create a Captivating Brand Personality Online and Stop the Pointless Posting

So many of our readers are the inspiring founders of their very own small businesses. We know what a leap of faith it takes – especially for mothers with families to sustain – to take your big idea and run with it. That’s exactly how The Grace Tales started. So we spoke to Rachelle Saevil, Creative Director of Branding Studio Saevil Row, about how to breathe life into your brand’s personality…

Words: Rachelle Saevil | Go to Saevil Row


When we think about what draws us into our favourite brands, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they’ve pulled us in with a compelling brand personality. Why? Because they’ve done it so seamlessly that we don’t even realize. 

One of the biggest elements that is overlooked when creating a business, is how the brand will take on its own personality and attract a steady stream of ideal clients and customers. It’s not that it’s not important. But many business owners don’t understand why it’s vital to their success.

I like to consider a brand personality like any of our human personalities. What attracts us to our closest friends or strangers? Is it that we’re friendly, warm, funny or caring? The characteristics that make up your brand’s personality should be easily identifiable, and at the core of who your brand is. 

A business with a strong brand personality:

  • Connects more effortlessly with its target audience.
  • Is more memorable.
  • Communicates more powerfully.
  • Attracts more loyal customers.

Above all, once you’re confident and clear in your brand personality, it’s SO much easier to engage online without feeling like you’re posting for the sake of it. You’ll have purpose, direction, and an understanding of who your brand truly is. 

Want to know my secrets to cultivate a captivating brand personality?

Get clear on your tone of voice

Whether you’re hiring someone to do this for you, or you’re a DIYer, creating a brand voice for your business is essential. This sets the scene for how you talk to your customers, from the words you say (or don’t say!) to how you communicate your services and offerings.

Plus, it makes coming up with social captions that much easier, because you have a specific brand voice that you’ll follow.

Create a biz bestie

Creating a brand personality for your business is just like creating your own imaginary best friend. You give them a name, likes, dislikes, dreams and goals. Then you decide how they walk, talk, move and act. You choose their values, you decide how they say “hello” and the tone they use when they write and speak.

Treat your brand like a real person, because that’s how your target market is going to perceive it.

Tip: When you’re writing your social captions, imagine you’re writing to this person. It takes away the overwhelm of speaking to your entire following, and focuses on your ideal target.

Give it all you’ve got (and have fun!)

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is pretending you’re someone you’re not. The key here is not to hold back when it comes to sharing your brand personality. Because once you’re clear on the tone and style of voice, you’ll be inspired to share it and won’t be second-guessing your approach. Your brand personality speaks for you and calls in your audience, it’s that simple. And let’s be honest, you need to have a little fun along the way, so enjoy the process!

Feeling ready to dive into defining your brand personality, but not sure where to start? We’ve created a free, done-for-you solution that takes you through the discovery process to create a captivating brand personality on and offline. Download it here.

Creating a captivating brand personality starts with YOU, and that’s the best part. You’re in the driver’s seat, you get to call the shots. And I can promise you, once you’ve clearly defined those brand characteristics, showing up online is less stressful because you actually know what to say and how to say it to connect with your audience. More than anything, it’s another way to have fun and let your brand shine, like the star that it is.