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How To Make Banana Popsicles With Your Kids

'There’s a Beetroot in my Cake' was written by Judy Moosmueller and Jennifer Leckey, two mothers who love to cook for their families and everyone that surrounds them. Their fantastic book presents everyday dishes that are stripped back, free from artificial ingredients, and turned into delicious healthy alternatives. Family favourites with a twist. Here, they share how to make banana popsicles... 

Ingredients: 4 bananas 1 bar melted chocolate (or make your own) chopped nuts (pistachios, almonds, cashews or peanuts) Method: Half the bananas and insert a stick or popsicle into each end. Freeze for about 30 minutes. Dunk the frozen banana halves into the melted chocolate and swirl around a little. The chocolate will dry instantly. Sprinkle with chopped nuts, desiccated coconut or dried berries. Freeze for another 20 to 30 minutes and they are ready to eat.