I Got My Brows Feathered And It Was The Best Beauty Treatment I’ve Ever Had

I Got My Brows Feathered And It Was The Best Beauty Treatment I’ve Ever Had

 “The shape and colour of a woman’s eyebrows can really change her whole look. The overall aim is to create balance, to enhance other features and to beautifully frame the windows to our soul. A professional shape and tint service can give an instant eye lift! Eyes are such a powerful feature and when our brows are perfectly manicured we feel confident and even tend to require less makeup,” says celebrity brow guru Kristin Fisher...

I didn’t actually know how true this was until I made my brows a feature. Prior to having them feathered, they were basically non-existent, and basically, I ignored them. I’d never even used brow pencil until a little over a year ago. Brows weren’t my thing. Until Kristin Fisher came along. As a busy mum, putting on my ‘face’ in the morning is the last thing on my list (cue wiping the Weetabix off the bench, kids’ lunches to be made, knotty hair to be brushed, sibling fighting to mediate, washing to be hung out… shall I go on?). When it comes to beauty, I want treatments that don’t require weekly salon visits, because frankly, racing around grooming myself all day doesn’t really come top of my priority list. About a year ago, I started looking at all the beautifully defined brows around me and wondered what was going on. I did some research and discovered the secret behind all these gorgeous brows. Feathering. A-ha! I was tempted to try it but thought of tattooing my brows terrified me. A tattoo on my face? Permanent makeup? Surely, it’d look hideously fake? My mother lost the plot when I got a tattoo of a dolphin on my hip bone when I was 18. I couldn’t imagine she’d cope with a tattoo on my face. I talked to women who’d had it done. I did my homework. And the more I read and the more people I saw who’d had it done, the more I wanted to get it done (Kristin’s Instagram account @kristin.fisher.eyebrows was my all-time inspiration). Feathering is semi-permanent, so even if I did end up looking like Frida Karlo (who I adore so would that be so bad?), it wouldn’t be for life. The colour of the ink is also customised depending on your colouring so there’s no one size fits all for feathering – every set of brows is unique and Kristin will work to enhance your individual brows.

Kristin Fisher

“We always complete a thorough consultation prior to any feather touch treatment. This is so we can assess the client’s skin and discuss what shape and colour we would recommend. We also like to prepare our clients for the pre and aftercare involved. Believe it or not, the aftercare is just as, if not more important than the treatment itself!” says Kristin. Indeed – the before care involves no exercise, coffee or alcohol 24 hours before the treatment. Certain skincare products also need to be avoided. But it’s the aftercare part that’s the most difficult. You can’t get your brows wet for 10 days. Easier said than done. There were seemingly countless times where I went to splash water on my face in the shower. And washing your hair is as challenging as installing a car seat. And I pretty much went entirely make-up free the whole 10 days. I like the natural look and all, but this was really natural (with really dark brows – my husband was rather confused by my new look but knew better than to comment). Your brows will get itchy and it’s tempting to pick the skin off – don’t do this as you’ll end up with uneven brows. Ok, so let’s talk pain factor. Does it hurt? A little, but the feeling of having your brows feathered is more one of discomfort rather than pain. Numbing cream is applied first. While the blade is tattooing your skin, it’s more like an annoying itch. Kristin advises you listen to music while she’s doing the feathering which can take over an hour – this way you can’t hear the blade and it’s easier to go off into your own world.

Founder Georgie Abay’s before and after photos

Finally, we were finished. I could see that Kristin thought I was going to freak out and to be honest, I was expecting to look like Frida. I looked in the mirror. I had brows! Amazing brows! I couldn’t have been happier. Phew! I left the salon with antiseptic cream which I was to dab over them each day and also told they’d get darker as the days went on, but not to worry, this was all part of the process. In her expert words: “The feather touch treatment is performed with a very fine blade, which we use to make precise hair strokes through the brow. We then apply the custom colour over the strokes.” After 6-8 weeks, the tattoo is reviewed and topped up if needed. You’ll then have to go through the whole process of not getting your face wet again. The good news is, it’s worth it. This is the best beauty treatment I’ve ever had and I’m almost a year into my new brows. What can you expect post-treatment? Honestly, your brows will look dark. People might wonder what you’ve done to your face or what inspired such a dramatic change, but trust me, this will soften. And they get darker before they get lighter, so don’t freak out. Kristin even texted me to ask if I was freaking out after a few days. I luckily escaped to Thailand on a family holiday, which was challenging with the whole don’t-wet-your-face-thing but also good to escape from running into people (you’ll want to keep your social life on the quiet side for a week). “Your freshly feathered brows will appear much darker for the first 7-10 days, so we advise to allow at least 2 weeks before any special event so they are looking their best. The brows also need to remain completely dry during the healing phase, so we recommend having your hair washed at the hairdressers or using a detachable shower head,” says Kristin. I did the detachable shower head which was still tricky, so make sure you have some dry shampoo in your beauty cabinet – you’ll need it.


“Your brows will go on a little bit of a journey, from going darker to slightly shedding and then finally becoming lighter. During this time the pigment is oxidizing and settling into the skin. Sometimes the pigment will seem to fade dramatically, only to come back at the four-week mark. Any adjustments required are then made at your top up appointment.” As the dry skin naturally exfoliated off, I started to get a glimpse of my new brows. I loved them. And when I took them out for their first outing my friend took one look at me and said: “what have you done to your brows, they look too perfect.” Perfect brows? Now that’s something I never thought I’d hear. I wake up and feel ‘done’. Tinting looks better. Brow pencil looks better. I now have brows to work with. And it doesn’t look fake at all. Even my mother thinks they look good – and she wasn’t keen on me getting the treatment done. Your mother will always tell you the truth, so if I have her tick of approval, I know they look good. I now get a tint every 4-6 weeks which keeps them looking fresh but day-to-day, having my brows feathered has made getting ready in the morning even more effortless. So, who’s the perfect candidate? “Someone who has not previously had any cosmetic tattooing. Working over an old tattoo can be challenging in that we are not always able to create fine hairs strokes or achieve the desired shape. Also, clients with normal to dry skin will usually retain the pigment a lot better than someone with an oilier skin type,” she says. To book in for a consultation, go to For more information, go to www.kristinfisher.com.au