In Need of a Pick-Me-Up? Our GRACE Collective Members' Box Has Received a Makeover!

In Need of a Pick-Me-Up? Our GRACE Collective Members’ Box Has Received a Makeover!

When we launched the GRACE Collective late last year, we were completely overwhelmed by the response from our readers. With hundreds of sign-ups in the first week alone, each day, we continue to be delighted by this wonderful community that has been built around The Grace Tales.

As of our original GRACE Collective boxes flew out the door so quickly, we thought it was time for a refresh. So now, as well as receiving unlimited access to The Grace Tales content and priority access to our GRACE Talks events (more on that this week!), our annual GRACE Collective members now receive this gorgeously refreshed box of products on their doorstep after joining. Whether you’re looking to dive into The Grace Tales’ content, are hoping to be enveloped in a supportive network of women from across the globe, or are simply looking for a little pick-me-up (who would blame you?), may we introduce you to our GRACE Collective box?! Packed full of products that have been curated especially by The Grace Tales team, while you peruse what’s new in the box, we’ll just be here, working on our self-care… PS If you’re also hoping to be awarded the Best Friend prize, the GRACE Collective membership also makes for a beautiful gift for a deserving mother or mum-to-be. Check out our gift options here.  

The Beauty Chef's Collagen Inner Beauty Boost

You know all those glowing women on Instagram whose skin looks like they spend their days in a day spa in The Maldives? They all have one thing in common – they sing the praises of The Beauty Chef. With a hard-working range of supplements to support inner and outer beauty, The Beauty Chef has become world-renowned for a reason. This full-sized Collagen Inner Beauty Boost will strengthen your skin from within and help boost your skin’s natural collagen production. A smooth complexion from the inside out? Yes please.


Write to Me 2019 Planner

If becoming more organised was on your 2019 resolutions list (we think that’s everyone), then you can look no further than the Write to Me 2019 Planner. Wrapped in linen with a blind embossed title, they have been designed to split planning into two parts (work and kids, anyone?). In other words? They’re incredibly clever. Equal parts stylish and functional, we won’t be looking any further for our diary needs.


Of course ... There are still all of our old favourites in the box for the absolute must-haves in luxe pampering.

That includes:

  • La Rose Candle by Maison Balzac When it comes to candles, they don’t get much more luxe than Maison Balzac, and La Rose is no exception. In fact, the inspiration for the candle came from founder Elise Pioch’s grandmother, Jeanine Balzac, who would fill her home with roses from the garden. She would dry the petals and keep them in glass jars; the essence of which has been captured in this beautiful candle. When your day has been loaded with the everyday grind of motherhood, work and simply managing modern life, La Rose is a practical and indulgent reminder to slow down, breathe and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us all.
  • Magnesium Body Balm by The Base Collective If there was ever a product designed with mothers in mind, it’s this. The Magnesium Body Balm by The Base Collective is made of naturally derived ingredients that assist with dry or irritated skin (thanks, pregnancy), muscle fatigue and recovery (yep, that comes with the territory), sleep (hello!) and muscle cramps (did they read our minds?). Based on a rosehip oil blend with the added goodness of magnesium, this wonder cream nourishes your skin while relaxing your body. Created by Melbourne based duo Carly Pountney and Cassie Sanghvi, the founders cite motherhood as a contributing factor to their success, as it spurred their passion for creating a skincare line that was safe and purposeful, while also looking after the whole family.
  • Rejuvenating Face and Neck Moisturiser by Sodashi As mothers, sometimes the closest we get to a day spa is in the opening of the dishwasher. Thankfully, we can bring the spa experience home with Sodashi products, which are used at some of the most exclusive spas across the world. This moisturiser is in a class of its own, full of nourishing, anti-ageing antioxidants and rich, super-hydrating oils. Touted as a miracle cream that smooths and tones as it moisturises, it leaves will leave your skin radiant and plumped – which is essentially all mama dreams coming true at once.
  • Pure Silk Sleep Mask by Slip If you haven’t yet discovered the luxury that is sleeping on silk, stop what you’re doing and make this your priority. The original and the best behind the silk pillowcase movement is Slip, who have extended their range to include these luscious silk sleep masks. Slip’s products are anti-ageing, anti-sleep crease and anti-bed head, and as mothers, we’ll happily take all the help we can get. Created by Fiona Stewart, who is also a mother of two young boys, Slip has been publicly celebrated by the likes of the Jen Atkin and Lauren Conrad. So we’re in good company.
  • Pearl Earrings by Bowerhaus A staple in any woman’s jewellery arsenal, these pearl earrings from Bowerhaus are both beautiful and practical. Created by sisters Elizabeth and Shen-Tel Lee (whose incredible style has been on display on The Grace Tales right here), they are home-grown, classic and ideal for day-to-day wear.
  • All-Over Cream by Lanolips It’s no coincidence that Lanolips has become a global phenomenon. Founded by Kirsten Carriol based on over 100 years of heritage, Kirsten brought the beauty of lanolin to the world. Sourced from wool and mimicking human oils, lanolin is nature’s secret to all skin moisture, and this All-Over Cream is a must-have in any beauty cupboard. To be used as a day cream, night cream, hand cream, eye cream, baby cream and body cream, this is the ultimate multi-cream that will transform dry, thirsty skin into nourished, hydrated and silky skin. What more could we ask for?