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In The Lead-Up To Christmas, Here’s What I’m Loving

How is it already mid-November? Somehow we seem to have skipped straight over spring, and here we are in the depths of the party season.

It’s a time of inescapable crazy, but thankfully, there have been a few saving graces. Whether brilliant books and TV shows or simple hair saviours, these are the items that – superficial as they may be – are helping me through the season so far … 

Sufficient bribery tactics

As soon as November hits, Santa is on speed-dial in the Hahn house. Bad behaviour, refusal to eat dinner, challenges in getting to bed at a reasonable hour … It is all an excuse to give him a quick call. This year, I’m stepping it up a notch with a personalised letter from the man in red himself. Packed full of completely customisable details and in a divine design with a thick red envelope, this is going to guarantee beautiful behaviour until December 25th.

Personalised Santa letters from Love From Santa – $12.95

Quick-fix skin solutions

I’d be lying if I said that my wine consumption increases significantly at Christmas-time. It’s a regular occurrence come 7pm in our home year-round (three boys under 6 will do that to a woman, right? Right?), but the fact that I’m breastfeeding one of those boys means that I’m maxed out at one glass. So perhaps it’s just the seasonal madness – not my dietary habits – that has left my skin feeling more than a little lacklustre. So this Frank Body kit has been a wonder; with their signature scrubs, gorgeous glowing masks and my favourite caffeine moisturiser, they’re giving my skin the quick pep it needs.

Frank Body Iddy Biddy Face Party Kit- $49.95

Great TV and even better books

As we’ve been putting the finishing touches on our first-ever printed edition of GRACE Magazine (out this week!), it’s been tempting to sink straight into bed the moment my knife and fork hit the plate after dinner. Which means that any pre-bedtime entertainment has to be good to withstand my exhaustion levels. Thankfully, the gods have provided in the best way possible.

If you have not yet watched Fleabag – stop what you’re doing right now, find it and binge. Particularly season 2. In the words of Joss Whedon on Twitter: “Okay, I finally watched Fleabag, it was fine I guess but I have an issue — at the end, how do I watch anything else or make anything else or live my life or breathe or feel or care or walk or fly did I fly am I here is it me do I live through this now what how but.” Yep. Then, if you’re looking for more Phoebe Waller-Bridge fabulousness, Killing Eve delivers in spades.

For those more inclined toward the literary kind of entertainment, Three Women and Fleishman Is In Trouble have been two stand-out hits that are remarkably thought provoking while being absolute page-turners.

A catch-all set for moments of madness

With three children, I can almost guarantee that every time I leave the house, I will forget something. So it was a delight to recently stumble upon the gorgeous Clutch & Wipes Pouch Set from Ben & Ellie Baby, which changes the game of organisation. 

With all the right pockets (that remind me what I’m missing), perfectly sized and with polished gold hardware, it’s luxurious, gorgeous, practical and turns any bag into a nappy bag.

Ben & Ellie Clutch & Wipes Pouch Set – $219

A festively fragranced home

Despite living in what seems to be the hottest climate on the planet, there’s something about the arrival of the season that makes me want our home to smell exclusively of cookies, cinnamon and festive fruits. This Glasshouse diffuser fits the bill – it’s beautifully Christmasy without being overpowering.

Night Before Christmas Dancing Sugar Plums Fragrance Diffuser – $49.95

A fresh cut and colour

Around this time each year, I become manically and predictably sick of my hair. So a fresh cut and colour is a must. This year, I took myself off to the best of the best – Frankie and Katya at Adilla Colab – and let them work their magic, with little to no instructions. I emerged with subtle layers that magically made my face appear less drawn, expertly positioned highlights that created the perfect balance against my skin tone, and a booking for four weeks’ time to experience their genius all over again. 

Visit Adilla Colab

Plus a styling tool to continue the goodness at home

Call me crazy, but up until a few weeks ago, I believed that all hair straighteners were created equally. Fast forward to today, having experienced True Me (from the team who first introduced GHD and Cloud Nine to Australia) and I know now the error of my ways. The straightener has keratin-infused ceramic plates that creates shiny hair that stays in place for much longer, and it’s truly a breeze to create curls and bends.

If you’re tempted to add this to your wish list, the brand is currently offering a limited-edition True Me X Shhh Silk Xmas gift set, which features a styler plus a complimentary oversized 100% pure mulberry silk Pink Silk Scrunchie from Shhh Silk. So you have every good reason to add it to your list.

True Original Hair Straightener by True Me – $179

Easy, breezy feeding wear

As I’m still breastfeeding Henry approximately 487 times a day, easy access is at the top of my list of sartorial requirements (it’s a glamourous time). And in the depths of summer, breathable, lightweight options are key. This linen jumpsuit from bun | mini & mum is heavenly as it’s a one-stop-shop (no styling requirements at 6am when I have three children jumping on me) and fits the bill for the Sydney heat. 

bun | mini & mum – Pippa jumpsuit – $159.95