India Hicks On Family, Failure & Life in the Bahamas - Episode​ 5 of The Grace Tales Podcast - The Grace Tales

India Hicks On Family, Failure & Life in the Bahamas – Episode​ 5 of The Grace Tales Podcast

The life story of India Hicks – so far – reads like an epic novel. The granddaughter of the Earl and Countess of Burma, she is the goddaughter to Prince Charles, and daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten and famed interior designer David Nightingale Hicks...

And despite a traditional English boarding school upbringing, and being bridesmaid to Princess Diana in 1981, for the last 25 years she’s lived a somewhat unconventional life in the Bahamas with her husband and five children. From modeling to interior design, to bestselling books and running her own business, India’s career has been as vibrant as it is successful. She’s fascinating to listen to, which is just as well – she’s been a Royal commentator and a TV host – and our conversation with her covers everything from her childhood to her take on ‘failure’. India spoke to us about:

  • Surviving Hurricane Dorian and her charity work to help rebuild the Bahamas
  • How the coronavirus has impacted the Bahamas and how she’s managing with five kids (aged 12 – 23) back at home
  • Growing up in a time when, in her own words, “not a lot was really expected of a girl”
  • Her childhood with a genius – and difficult – father
  • Why the most difficult period of her life led to her having the least self-doubt ever
  • How her career evolved from modeling to photography to design
  • What it was like to have her business ‘fail’
  • Her approach to parenting and how it has changed
  • How she came to adopt a Bahamian teenager after his mother passed away, and why she never made it legal
  • Her memories of being Princess Diana’s bridesmaid and that famous crinkled train moment
  • How she became a bestselling author despite dealing with Dyslexia

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Image: Sarah Wood