This interior and fashion stylist reveals all her tips and tricks

Spend too much time in the home of interior and fashion stylist Kristin Rawson and you’ll find yourself shopping online while you move from room to room. This girl knows how to edit and a visit to her spectacular home is like hanging out in your dream interior store. You want to buy everything. Located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Rawson’s abode is filled with a Scandi-meets-beachside mix of carefully curated pieces which she has collected over time...

“Make sure you think about purchasing for a lengthy time. Unlike fashion, homewares and furnishings set the tone of the lifestyle you wish to lead,” says Rawson. Yet when it comes to fashion, she’s not afraid of investing in a bold accessory (hello Gucci Princeton leather slippers). Read on to shop Rawson’s look and also find out more about her interior tips, Mother’s Day plans and her inspiring career. 

Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo | Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe | In association with Westfield

How would you describe your home?

Relaxed modern Scandi with a beachside Australian twist.

What’s your favourite room in your home?

Each room has its own mood. The kitchen/living for fun and chaos. The open plan is fantastic for all eyes on the bubs, which is still so necessary with Billie being three and Jackson five. The kids’ bedroom for a touch of colour and creativity. My bedroom is my sanctuary and bed linen is my investment. Diving into double stone washed linen at the end of the day is heaven!

What are your top tips for a beautiful home?

For a family home, it’s best to keep the interior colour scheme clean and simple – my children add the vibrancy! We have fun with things such as art, clothes, toys – these elements have a high turnover. When you’re purchasing new pieces, make a wish list and Pinterest mood board first. Make sure you think about purchasing for a lengthy time. Unlike fashion, homewares and furnishings set the tone of the lifestyle you wish to lead. My local go-to for weekly interior inspiration is Smith Made.

What are some easy interior updates to make a home look fresh?

Paint! I’m obsessed. A friend of mine is a colour consultant and we talk daily about mixing colours to find our dream colour. Currently I’m trying to source a deep jade colour for my front door. Porters Paints is my go-to, for the kids and myself. We collect sample pots, bring them home and splash the side walls of the house that are unseen.

What kind of colour palettes do you like to work with?

I always start with a neutral and natural base, adding tones of grey, greens and blues in soft furnishings. Bronze pendant lights was a touch of wicked for me.

What has motherhood taught you?

Patience and thriving to find the best balance for us all in love, affection and health.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

With my mother, grandmother and three siblings (and their families). Everyone is coming over for lunch! So fun.

What does a typical day at work involve for you?

I am one of the lucky ones who loves what they do! Monday–Wednesday I work in a Northern Beaches based interiors firm Amazema. Our specialty is fitting out properties for investment and sale. Collaborating with all the females in the office is a dream job. Thursday and Friday are put aside for personal clients, projects and shooting for interior magazines.

How would you describe your parenting style?

I am blessed to have beautiful children. They move around a lot between homes – mine, their dads and grandparents who all live nearby. Due to this movement, they have been so adaptive and flexible. I admire them. I try to be as relaxed, cool and calm as possible. To understand their point of view and if they are tired, angry or hungry, I help them to explain their emotions. We are only human!

What about your fashion style?

My style is quite basic, with some special additions. In summer, I live in Mamapapa linen dresses with Ancient Greek Sandals. Seed and Country Road are my go-tos! I just purchased a beautiful cable knit sweater to wear with leather leggings and loafers from Country Road (to shop the sweater, click here).

SHOP: Kristin wears Witchery Knit, $159.95, from Westfield and Bassike leather pants. Jackson wears Munster Kids jumper, $64.95, from Bonza Brats at Westfield, his own trousers and Adidas shoes. Billie wears Seed Heritage, from Westfield