Introducing Our First Coffee Table Book: Grace Mothers - Letters To Our Children |

Introducing Our First Coffee Table Book: Grace Mothers – Letters To Our Children

"Children have been my life and my love; not just my own, but all children..."

Writes Australia’s former Governor-General, the Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce in her foreword of Grace Mothers – Letters to Our Children.

As our first-ever coffee table book, we couldn't be more proud to announce the launch of Grace Mothers - Letters To Our Children.

A collection of thought-provoking letters written by mothers from all over the world to their children, Grace Mothers features over 60 extraordinary women from different fields and is both an intimate insight into the joys and tribulations of motherhood and a celebration of mothers and their children everywhere. Honest, inspiring, occasionally surprising, often funny and frequently poignant, they capture the essence of what motherhood means for each writer. Brought to you by founder Georgie Abay, renowned fashion and portrait photographer Julie Adams and leading journalist Claire Brayford, Grace Mothers features such luminaries as Australian actress Teresa Palmer, international model and philanthropist Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, British journalist Pandora Sykes, Australian designer Collette Dinnigan, Australian speaker and survivor Sam Bloom, US beauty legend Bobbi Brown, US journalist, author and advocate Gretchen Carlson, UK financier and campaigner Dame Helena Morrissey, Australian fashion designer Heidi Middleton and many more. In each letter, we hear about individual motherhood journeys – and no two stories are the same. What ties them together is their honesty and openness. Featuring gorgeously evocative photographs throughout, Grace Mothers is a reminder of just how important the role of a mother is. A reminder to cherish it. To celebrate it. And to value it. This is the coffee table book for mothers of all ages to treasure, enjoy and come back to time and again. To view more and to purchase Grace Mothers, AUD $65, please click here.


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