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Introducing Our Brand New Fertility Hub With Genea

Over the past six years, as we've interviewed women from every walk of life, in every corner of the globe, one particular sentiment has come through loud and clear - the road to becoming a parent is never straightforward...

Whether we are marked by pregnancy loss, infertility, reproductive issues or challenging pregnancies, it seems there is no mother who has sailed these seas smoothly. 

However, when we’re in the thick of it ourselves, the experience can feel incredibly isolating. When I experienced a miscarriage after almost a year of trying for my own second child, I’d never felt more alone. But as I began talking about it, I realised I was anything but. As I delved a little deeper, I discovered that almost every woman in my life had been touched by a fertility issue of some description, and my circle of friends was certainly not unique.

Which is why at The Grace Tales we feel so strongly about sharing the stories of women. Because no matter what your situation, how you become a parent or how long it takes you to get there, you’re never alone.


It's for this reason that we are so delighted today to be launching our Fertility Hub in association with world leading fertility clinic, Genea. 

The Fertility Hub has been designed to lift the veil on fertility – a topic that is all too often spoken about in private or indeed, not at all. With personal tales of IVF, expert advice and insights, details on the latest technologies and stories of pregnancy loss and fertility struggles, we hope this will be a beloved space for you and your family, wherever you are in your parenting path. 

The Fertility Hub will feature new articles each week, and is already full of personal stories and beautiful insights. There’s the tale of Canna Campbell, whose two wonderful children have been conceived through IVF, and the story of Amelia Freer (Victoria Beckham’s nutritionist, no less), who spoke to us about miscarriage and becoming a mother. There are also practical tips, like a piece that decodes the 100 most common fertility acronyms, and expert help on how to balance work with IVF. Plus so much more.

Whether you’re trying to conceive, are already a mother or are simply wondering what your future family may look like, for everything fertility, delivered with The Grace Tales’ signature substance and style, visit our Fertility Hub.

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