Is A Cream Blush the Makeup Secret We’ve Been Waiting For?

Is A Cream Blush the Makeup Secret We’ve Been Waiting For?

There’s something about flushed cheeks that gives the illusion of a life that’s being mastered. Joyful, healthy and glowing – sign us up.

However, we’re occasionally guilty of getting a little too blush happy, resulting in a look that’s a little more clown that chic. Thankfully, our resident beauty expert and makeup artist Isabella Schimid has shared her tips on cream blush, which she says will do wonders for our skin. “Giving a rosy glow that brightens while making your complexion look beautiful and natural,” let’s just say we’re sold. Imagery by Jason Henly.

Know how much to use

It’s important to know how much cream blush to use, and where to place it. Here are my top tips:

  1. Cream or liquid blush can be used on your cheeks, eyelids and lips for an all-in-one look.
  2. Start with a little and add to it as you need, rather than applying heavily and desperately trying to blend it away.
  3. A cream is easier to apply with your fingers, while a liquid will work best with a brush.
  4. It is best to apply to the apples of your cheeks. Smile and wait for your cheeks to appear!
  5. Blending is key, so you achieve a look that is more ‘natural flush’ rather than ‘sunburnt face’.
  6. For liquid blush, it’s best applied under your foundation, whereas for creams, you should pat them on top.

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