I've Discovered The World's Best Maternity Underwear (You're Welcome)

I’ve Discovered The World’s Best Maternity Underwear (You’re Welcome)

At the time of writing, I'm in my 37th week of my third pregnancy...

You’d think that by now, I’d have “dressing for pregnancy” down to a fine art. Alas, my experience has been anything but a fine art. Particularly when it comes to the underwear department. For too many months, I’ve put up with digging elastics and uncomfortable cups as I’ve frantically awaited night time when I retreat to my pyjamas and, as they say, let it all hang out.

Which is why I’ve been so delighted to finally (if a little too late) find the answer to all my pregnancy underwear woes, in the form of Six.

Recently launched on Net-A-Porter, the brand is all-at-once practical while being completely aesthetically pleasing...

Six’s range is full of strong, clean and minimal lines that remain feminine and are designed to flatter and enhance the female form throughout pregnancy and into motherhood. With underwear, bras and even a maternity dress in their collection, pregnant women, we now need to look no further.

Where Six has been in my subconscious for the past six years, nobody knows. But I’m so glad now they’re here.

Shop Six on their website or on Net-A-Porter