the tale of Jade sarita arnott & Pavlo and Silvia Apostola |

The Tale of Jade Sarita Arnott

Photography: Jenna Potter Words: Georgie Abay

I first met Jade Sarita Arnott over six years ago when I first started working at Vogue. The petite blonde had just launched her Melbourne fashion label Arnsdorf and it was all anyone in the industry could talk about (she was also a favourite of French blogger Garance Dore, featured on her blog here and here). I heard the stylish Arnott had moved to New York to focus on expanding Arnsdorf in the US and recently stumbled across her again on Instagram to discover she’d also expanded her family.

Now a mother of two – Pavlo, two and a half, and Silvia, five months – the designer has never been happier. “Motherhood has taught me that there is so much more to life than work and career, it has brought a lot of perspective,” says Arnott. “I feel like my life is more rounded now that I’m a mother and in this role it has really forced me to be in the moment. I remember when I first stopped working full time, I felt this nice sense of pace that I was getting everything I needed to do done, even if it’s doing the mundane rather than the feeling of anxiety over the next deadline. There is no room for procrastination in motherhood, babies needs must be met as they come up.”

Arnott is inspiring for so many reasons, but the fact that she had the confidence to step back from her own fashion label which she’d built from the ground up and focus on motherhood is truly admirable. Anyone who has ever worked in the fashion industry – or any job that requires you to work around the clock – knows it’s all or nothing, which doesn’t really lend itself to raising a young family. For Arnott, slowing down after the birth of her son was something she’s so grateful she did. “For me, I was working day and night in the business and I didn’t want to hire a full time nanny and miss out on this special and fleeting time with my son, so I made the decision to take some time out for the first time in years and take a breather.”

Almost three years in, she reflects: “I’m so glad I did. It seems to be a common thing that happens especially in the fashion industry, where it is really an all in industry. I read an interview with Phoebe Philo in The Gentlewomen around that time, about her decision to take a few years off to be with her babies. I was thinking about the 60+ years of your career and that those years really just roll into one another with a few notable milestones throughout. But there are only a few years that your children will be young and babies, I wanted to experience all of them and be fully present for their sake and my own.”

While her fashion label Arnsdorf is currently on hold, Arnott is now working freelance as a consultant to brands Apiece Apart and Svbscription. "I really enjoy my work as a consultant, it’s wonderful to go into a creative business and be involved in the ideas and the creative process and have a team to go off and follow through with the production of a project. I’m finding it’s a really nice balance of working, but not being all consumed by work," she says.

Luckily, the talented Hong Kong based photographer Jenna Potter happened to be in New York over the summer and spent the afternoon with Arnott and her children in her beautiful newly renovated Brooklyn brownstone capturing this tale.

Jade’s little list of loves:
Coffee (essential daily item!).
Our Saturday morning ritual of leaving the house early and getting a coffee and going to Fort Greene Park, and then picking up some produce and fresh flowers at the farmers market there.
Dark chocolate (black & greenes organic 85%).
Fresh sheets on my bed.
Hot showers.
The custom that everyone says hello to each other in the street in my Brooklyn neighbourhood.
Watching my son and daughter laugh and play together.
Having a dishwasher.
The Michael Anastassiades Tip of the Tongue lamp my husband just bought me for my birthday
Relaxing on my mustard Muuto Rest sofa watching our latest TV series (The Americans and Transparant most recently) after the babes are asleep.




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