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The Tale of Jane Schofield

Photography: Heidi Boardman Words: Georgie Abay

“Motherhood has taught me that I really didn’t know much at all!” says Sydney-based advertising manger Jane Schofield. “You think you know what it’s going to be like when you’re pregnant, and then the baby comes along… every cliché becomes your reality: the overwhelming love, the hormones, the sleep deprivation, learning how to do things with one hand whilst holding a baby and the bickering with my husband over who’s doing things the ‘right way’”.

I’ve known Jane for over a decade. We first met when we were starting out in magazines and have stayed friends ever since. She’s one of the most chic, creative women I know (not to mention the only mother I've met who still manages to wear cashmere all winter long and keep it clean). Given her innate sense of style, it's hardly surprising that her baby girl Chloe is always perfectly dressed in a mix of J.Crew, Oeuf, Mini Rodini, Country Road and Baby Gap. “I also love printebebe. They make the most divine bibs - the perfect amount of pretty for any outfit. I also adore Freshly Picked moccasins. They come in every colour and stay on little feet,” she says.

Jane also happens to be an Etsy expert and has spent hours trawling the site looking for unique pieces to fill her daughter’s nursery with. Mission complete. Isis’ room is a vibrant space that reflects her mother’s colourful sense of style. “I was so excited to decorate Chloe's nursery, we started buying the big pieces of furniture early on in the pregnancy. The Kalon cot with yellow rails is the standout piece and sets the tone for the whole room. It's so joyful! I had a lot of the furnishings custom made on Etsy such as the chevron storage baskets, graffiti artwork, cot sheets, footstool, soft toys… everything in the nursery has been a pleasure to curate. I wanted Isis’ first home to be memorable. I love re-styling her room with new discoveries from Etsy. I find it hard to resist buying for Chloe.”

Since going on maternity leave when Isis was born five months ago, she’s also launched an Etsy store called Oonch Pom Poms, named after her daughter’s nickname. “I always knew I wanted to explore my creativity during maternity leave. Pom Pom garlands seemed like a great idea as it meant I could create beautiful gifts for friends with children,” says Jane, who makes the charming garlands while her daughter naps or after she’s gone to bed at night. “It’s been good to use my hands and I love exploring colour combinations. My mother has gotten involved with creating the individual pom poms — she is seriously talented.” In fact, one of the best parts about being on maternity leave is the time she has with her mother. “We hang out every week like best girlfriends. The time is priceless. I don’t know when we’ll ever get this time again.”

Jane’s little list of loves:
A glass of red with my husband once Isis is in bed.
T2's China Jasmine tea in my Limoges tea cup.
My daughter’s laugh. It’s just the best and I live for those moments.
A good blow-dry. Never needed it more since my hair has been falling out in clumps post birth.
Manis and pedis at The Nail Lab.
Weekends! I know I'm not working, but it means that Chloe and I get Peter to ourselves for a whole two days!
Spending maternity leave with my mum.
Catching up with friends. It’s nice to talk about things other than the baby. And when we do, it’s good to laugh about some of the tough moments.
Instagram. I am an avid Instagrammer. It’s so good for staying in touch and getting inspired.

May 2014


Initially, Peter and I divvied up the night feeds to enable us six hours of sleep each...

Isis had to be woken up for her feeds, she was never a ravenous newborn crying to be fed. I know a routine doesn’t work for all but it was necessary for Isis. Eventually we were able to drop her night feeds and have good sleep through the night.


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