Just in Time For The Festive Season… How To Do The Smudgy Smokey Eye


What to do when you want to look like you've made an effort with your eye makeup, but don't have the time or the skill to create a smokey eye or cat eye look?

Our beauty editor Isabella Schimid likes to create a French girl-inspired smudgy smokey eye with a black liner and mascara. Here’s how it’s done…

First, use a soft black pencil and draw a line along your lash line, finishing just at the end of your eye...

Get that liner right into the lash line and, with your finger, smudge along the top of the lash line. Finally to get a little more depth into the lash line, draw another layer and lightly smudge it again.

“ Keep the depth into the lash line. When it comes to giving that liner a wing or lift, always work with the natural shape of your eye. You have to find the right shape for your eyes ”

“ For a more dramatic evening look, apply the pencil on the bottom of the lash line and blend it to create a smokey more defined look ”

Don't draw that line too far out. When drawing your eyeliner, keep it just slightly outside the outer corner of your eye.

Drawing the liner in a straight line elongates the eye, whereas drawing the liner lifting up at the end of the eye gives a more rounded shape to the eye. Do not draw that line below the natural eye, as it will make the eye look droopy. It’s very important to get the mascara right into the roots of the lashes. This gives a natural lift to the lashes and also blends the liner with the mascara so you don’t see the lash line.