Kate Ritchie On Her Daily Skin Care Routine

She’s one of Australia’s most loved – not to mention busiest - media personalities...

So how does mother, radio presenter, author and actor Kate Ritchie get ready in the morning? From trying to dress a two-year-old to a beauty regime filled with QV products (she’s the brand’s gorgeous new ambassador), we got all her tips and tricks.

Photography: Julie Adams

Talk us through a typical morning in your house?

I’m sure I am not alone when I say that dressing a two-year-old each morning can be an enormous source of stress when that two-year-old has very clear ideas about wardrobe choices! So a typical morning involves negotiating attire for the day and tricking a small person into thinking that a skivvy compliments a tutu beautifully.

What’s do you eat for breakfast?

I hate to admit it but if I don’t have someone forcing me to sit and eat breakfast, on set or at home, then I won’t. There is always something else that needs attending to. I am trying to get into the habit of nutritious smoothies, which I can have on the go. I do love a perfect egg though. All runny and peppered and delicious. My daughter and I actually make a great team at brekkie – she prefers the whites and I would choose a yolk over them any day!

Coffee, tea or green smoothie?

I start the day with a quiet cup of tea at home in the office. I try to limit my daily coffee intake to one, but make it strong!

Tips for a stress-free morning?

Getting myself out of bed when the alarm sounds. You really cannot beat snuggles between flannelette sheets at this time of year, but if I am not up and working before the rest of the house surfaces I feel as though my entire day is ten steps behind where it should be. That first hour of the day, on my own, is my most productive. Whether it is planning our radio show or packing lunch for daycare.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

One of my earliest memories is staying up late as a toddler watching television with my dad. Some British comedy or the English Premier League no doubt. As a result, I do love to stay up late. Currently, I am a bit of both which just leaves me with puffy eyes and a tired attitude!

Does Mae love going through your beauty products?

She absolutely does and I wish I had never encouraged her in the early days. The upside is she is a great little masseuse with my QV skin lotion. The downside is that I have lost many a Tom Ford lippy and the carpet is covered in Giorgio Armani.

How did your approach to skin care change after your daughter Mae was born?

The biggest change to my skin care after Mae arrived was my attitude around ‘less is more’. When I was faced with a tiny little person, covered in perfectly unblemished skin I realised that perhaps I had previously been too harsh on mine. Why had I spent all those years stripping away all the natural goodness? Why hadn’t I learnt more about my skin and concentrated on complimenting it instead?

Can you tell us about your skin care routine? What kind of products do you use?

My routine is focused on achieving clear and hydrated skin. This is when I feel most skin confident! I drink plenty of water throughout the day and use products that nourish and hydrate my skin. My daily skin care routine is really quite quick and simple. Each morning I wash my face with a gentle cleanser then follow up with a SPF moisturiser, I absolutely love the QV Face Moisturising Day Cream. The last thing I do is hydrate my under eye area with QV Face Revitalising Eye Cream. I notice this step smooths out any fine lines and makes me look more awake. Even on those tired days! I repeat this same mini routine at night before bed but swap my day moisturiser for the QV Face Nurturing Night Cream. Without fail, I always take my makeup off at the end of day and usually as soon as I walk in the door. I use QV skincare wipes to do this. They are very gentle on the skin and great to travel with! I also believe my skin naturally rewards me when I am well rested and happy!

Talk us through why you love QV and how you incorporate their products into your daily routine?

QV fully embraces the concept of feeling confident in your own skin. Through working with the brand and choosing the right products for my skin and lifestyle I have gained a new found confidence in my skin. I love that QV has a range of products to suit all different skin types. Everyone is different and not all products are for everyone.

My personal skin care path can change depending on factors like the weather, so I like that I can adjust the products I’m using depending on how my skin is feeling. I use QV products every day not only as part of my facial skin care routine but for my body too. Every time I jump in the shower, I love to use the QV shower milk. It’s soft, creamy and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. And on those days when I am rushing out the door, it’s a great time saver as I don’t need to use a body moisturiser once I’m dry.

Where does beautiful skin begin for you?

I have to thank my skin for generally being very kind to me over the years. Despite years of makeup and studio lighting. So when I really think about the foundations of beautiful skin – cliché or not – I believe a lot has to do with knowing and understanding it. Followed by happiness, mental health, sleep and good hydration.

How do you unwind at night?

Cuddles, a bedtime story and sometimes a cheeky scotch on the rocks.

Biggest indulgence?

I would have to say cheese. The stinkier the better. In a material sense though, good linen and cashmere.