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Keeping Time: Kym Rundle

(Art)iculate PR, mother to Hamish (10 months old)

What are your tips for keeping the household running on time?
Delegate – don’t be afraid to put in place a team supporting you across all areas of your life. And once you delegate, let it go so your mind can focus on something else. One less thing to think about.
Tidy as you go, tidying a little but often. I find physical clutter overwhelming so when I'm busy I need material objects to be minimized in order to help me think straight. It helps avoid the overwhelming feeling. This means being ruthless in clearing out clutter. I love that saying that you should “keep only things that are beautiful, useful or joyful”
Google docs! An amazing way of sharing timetables, WIPs, to do lists with several people at once that can then be accessed across numerous laptops/handhelds and from different locations (home office, work, on the run via iPhone).
Prioritize. At the moment with limited time, family and work comes first. Sadly for the time that means it’s usually social activity that suffers - it's either that or sleep
Spend some time on the weekend preparing for the week ahead. If you’re on top of the things before Monday morning hits you don’t spend the first couple of days of the week chasing your tail

Do you work to a tight schedule?
Always! I 100% need a schedule to keep everything together. It makes me feel like I’m on top of everything if it’s all mapped out in advance. Without schedules I am lost.

What do you do personally to make the day easier juggling motherhood and full time work?
Every day feels like the last day before you go on holidays: a race to the finish line of your to do list. To make that all bearable I’m regimented in booking in time for me. Whether it’s a yoga class, acupuncture, massage or an amazing facial, inserting those brief windows allows time to recharge. I try to go to bed early. It all falls apart without enough sleep. Thankfully we’ve had an amazing sleeper in Hamish from very early on, so that’s been a viable option. Finally, I exercise. Try to make it non negotiable, even if it's incidental - take the stairs, use your baby as a medicine ball (Hamish loves it). Regular yoga keeps me sane and happy.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the juggling act?
Yes. When work is particularly busy and deadlines are looming it can feel overwhelming. It was worse in the earlier months, but now I have a plan, and an amazing support network in place, to help me I usually feel that it is doable.