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The Tale Of Kristin Rawson

If you weren'’t coveting slouchy harem pants, you will be after reading this tale (in the colour of the moment: khaki). Kristin Rawson, 34, can make anything look good. You’'ll also probably be left wanting a cosy white turtleneck jumper to go with your new khaki pants too. She’'s innately stylish, but years spent working first as a fashion editor at Teen Vogue in New York and later at Harper’s BAZAAR in Australia, has helped hone her impeccable style. Rawson also assisted top stylists including Brana Wolf and Nicole Bonython-Hines. These days, while she’s still working as a stylist, the angelic blonde-haired beauty is most focused on her role as a mother to Jackson, 3 and Billie Harper, 18 months. “"My babies will always come first. My life has an enriched existence to be a better person and a good example to my children",” she says. For Mother’s Day, she’'s lucky enough to have four generations of women in her family. “"I'’ll spend the day with my babies, my mother, my sister and my grandmother doing something simple such as a backyard BBQ all together. There will also be lots of cuddles and kisses!”".

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SHOP THE LOOK: Kristin wears Seed jeans, $89.95, Seed anorak, $189.95 and Seed T-shirt (coming soon). Billie wears Seed fluffy knit, $49.95 and Seed spot trackie, $24.95, and Jelly Cats Bashful Bunny, $32.95.

Rawson spent eight years living in New York where she worked in both fashion magazines and as the style director at Ann Taylor. “"I learnt from the best",” she says of the years she spent assisting Bonython-Hines in Australia and Wolf in New York. “"I hold the highest regard for them as stylists in the industry. Their precision and sharp eye is impeccable".” After she became a mother, she did a stint at Harper’s BAZAAR Australia before deciding that working as a freelance stylist and consultant was more compatible with motherhood. "“For me personally, working as a freelancer is definitely the way to go. I work hard and then I get to go home and focus on being a mummy.” The world of freelance work can also be a little unpredictable". How does she stay organised? "“I don’t know if I am the best mummy to ask,” she says, laughing. “I constantly feel a little frazzled".”

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Rawson lives by the beach on Sydney’s northern beaches in a beautifully styled home complete with a charming wooden cubby house in the backyard. You can tell her children have a lot of fun living here. Between the cubby house and chasing their dog Bronte around, it’'s a happy home. "The beach is also nearby. “We are all beach babes",” she says. “"We love the ocean and running in the sand. My parents have a beach house just north of Sydney in Copacabana where we spend as much time as we can.” Their life is reminiscent of her childhood. Growing up, Rawson spent a lot of time by the beach with her three siblings. “I went to Balmoral Beach public school in kindergarten and have wonderful memories of play sessions on the beach with my siblings and dad meeting us for Friday night fish and chips",” she recalls. Her own mother is also one of her greatest inspirations. “"My mother had four children by the age of 35 and during this time my father was studying medicine then specialising in ophthalmology. I don’t know how she did it. I am in constant awe".” On the single quality, which makes her a better mother, she says "we can all learn a little from the movie Frozen: “Patience… I go by Elsa’s motto – ‘Let it go’”".

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On her own mother...
She’'s selfless, endearing, kind, thoughtful and generous. There is no one like her. I admire her kind heart and patience and the ability to love all of her four children and husband without judgement.

On memories of her own mother growing up...
My mother had four children by the age of 35 and during this time my father was studying medicine then specialising in ophthalmology. I don'’t know how she did it. I am in constant awe. She never took an hour out for a mani/pedi!

On what she loves most about her children...
They are beautiful little people and everyday is fun for them. They love life and each other, they take each day as it comes and have no regrets. They teach me how to love with an open mind and open heart.

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On sticking to a routine...
When they were little babies, yes I do think routine and structure was important. Ideally during the week, to stick to a structured dinner/bath/stories/milk/bed routine. However, I do believe a little flexibility is key.

On sleep...
The initial first six months for my babies was not great in terms of sleeping. I worked with Chris Minogue an original mothercraft nurse and went to Tresillian for both children. Billie had silent reflux, which was horrible. My GP helped me with Losec for her and that made a vast improvement. How did I deal with the sleep deprivation? Caffeine, a warm shower, a walk in the fresh air and taking one thing off your to-do list each day.

On her advice to first time mothers...
Let most things go, you never get the time back, especially in the first three months when baby needs cuddles, security, milk and nurturing. Cancel plans, stay at home, be with your baby, don'’t worry about exercise, a social life or cleaning the house – that will come. Bond with your baby and spoil them with all your love and attention.

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SHOP THE LOOK: Kristin wears Seed cropped harem pants, $119.95 and Seed jumper (coming soon). Billie wears Seed knit, $49.95, and Seed jeans, $49.95. Jackson wears Seed T-shirt (coming soon) and Seed jeans, $49.95.

On her beauty and fitness routine...
It'’s very simple. I like Grown Alchemist Body Cleansing Bar, Aveda All-Sensitive moisturiser, some bronzer, mascara and a spritz of Gypsy Water Eau de Parfum by BYREDO. Since becoming a mother, my hair is more fragile so investing in a great hair mask from Kérastase or David Mallett helps with breakage. With exercise, I do remember prenatal yoga with my first baby Jackson when I lived in New York. These days, I’'d say that Jackson and Billie Harper are my fitness routine; they certainly keep me on my toes. I try to get to Pilates once a week, I love it when I make it to a class.

SHOP THE LOOK: Kristin wears Seed cropped harem pants, $119.95, and Seed jumper (coming soon). Billie wears Seed knit, $49.95, and Seed jeans, $49.95. 

On a happy home...
Happy babies equal a happy mama. There is always a positive spin or approach you can have to life and love. Keeping life simple also contributes to a happy home.

On her personal style...
My wardrobe exists of black, white and grey basics as that way everything goes well together for work and play. Since becoming a mum and not being in New York with inexpensive dry cleaning, I only buy what can be thrown in the washing machine. My go-to fashion essentials are: SEED’s drop crutched khaki pants, a striped tee/top of any kind, a great black dress, a great white dress, Balenciaga heels, my state of escape bag by day, my Celine by night and for shoes, I wear Nikes and Havaianas.

On her children’s rooms:
My children have brought colour into my life! I love mixing it up in their rooms and they frequently change. At the moment JT has graphics, black and white with pops of colour and Bills has beautiful soft pastels: pink, mint, lemon and white. I’'d describe them as modern with a touch of Scandi. JT has a gorgeous Oeuf toy storage system we use for shoes one day, books another and generally whatever he is playing with at the time. I am always after storage solutions that look great too! Founder and Creative Director Christiane Lemieux from Dwell Studio gave me a beautiful rug and pretty cool pink striped Zebra head for Billie’s room, which I love.


On the hardest part of being a mother...
The hardest part – being away from my babies when I wouldn'’t choose to be. I am addicted to them.

On her favourite time of day...
The beginning and the end. The beginning – the babes and puppy in bed with me, bottles and cuddles. The end of the day pretty much the same scenario. I’m very lucky to be so loved.”

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SHOP THE LOOK: Jackson wears Seed jeans, $49.95, Seed T-shirt and shoes (coming soon).

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Kristin's 5 things that make her smile about her children...
Cuddles in the morning in bed all together.
That to two little people, I am their world and will always be an important part of their lives.
The unconditional love, like a puppy waiting for you to get home each day.
Watching them play by the beach - we love our time in the sea together.
Their sibling bond and watching that grow.

Photography: Julie Adams Videographer: Sam Hastwell Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe Words and styling: Georgie Abay




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