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Lara Hutton On Nursery Styling

“Styling my own children’s nurseries was such a wonderful experience,” recalls the renowned Australian interior stylist Lara Hutton. “I really loved the experience of creating very special spaces for my children. Holly came first and then the twins followed.” Hutton wanted the spaces to really reflect her children’s personalities but also be consistent with her chic, understated style.

“They became an extension of the existing style of our home. They were beautiful spaces to be in for me and for the children. Plus they could easily grow in them.” For both rooms, she started with a neutral base of grey, taupe and white. “For Holly I later added soft pink to the grey and for the boys, a lovely soft aquamarine and black hints to the grey as they got a little older.” For Hutton, a nursery shouldn’t feel too cluttered. She favours simplicity over something that is over styled. “Clutter is not only visually confusing but it is also difficult to ‘be’ in. The energy of the space changes when it is cluttered and the flow is interrupted.” According to Hutton, simplicity starts with carefully planning clever storage devices. She advises you find beautiful storage boxes to keep all the daily items such as nappies, wipes and creams hidden in but make sure they’re still easy to find. “Use a wardrobe or closing door storage unit instead of an open one and keep things to a minimum so the space is neat and free flowing.” We asked the talented Hutton for top six nursery styling tips… Photography: Grace Alyssa Kyo Styling: Lara Hutton Words: Georgie Abay Nursery items from Sheridan. Sheridan is the first official bed linen partner of SIDS and Kids, ensuring the safest night’s sleep for little ones. Shop the look below. 

Create a truly beautiful space that is a sanctuary

Let the nursery be an expression of love! Frame a favourite cover of a congratulations card you love and use it as art on a shelf, use sentimental items as styling devices, but sparingly. A few treasured things will be those things you keep and remember. It will give the space a personal touch that makes it feel extra special.

The base items should be synonymous with your existing home style

Colour and style need to be extensions of what you already have in your home, so be clever about what items of furniture you choose so they really flow.

Layout is very important and needs to be practical

That said, know it will change after the baby has arrived. As you get to know your baby and their personality, things will change and the style will develop further. Of course, with age it will grow and change again. It’s always a great idea to consider pieces that will work as your children grow, not just as a baby.

Invest in a great feeding chair. It will later become the story reading chair, and then their own chair to sit and read

I personally loved the Eames Rocker. It was designed in the 50’s as a feeding chair for mothers and the shape is perfectly designed. It is a design classic worth investing in because it also becomes a design piece that is a sentimental item and also an heirloom.

“ Clutter is not only visually confusing but it is also difficult to ‘be’ in. The energy of the space changes when it is cluttered and the flow is interrupted ”

Research carefully

Research the products carefully and also plan really well. Create a ‘storyboard’ or ‘moodboard’. A collage of the items  you have chosen to see how they all look and work together. You will have to live with the choices for a long time, so it’s important to be 100% happy with what you’ve picked!

Enjoy it

It’s a very special task! It’s possibly one of the most enjoyable experiences possible to create the home of the soon-to-be most important being in your life.