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The Tale of Lee Watson

Photography: Julie Adams Hair and Makeup: Regina Gao Words: Georgie Abay

“It’s certainly not ideal travelling most of the year with a toddler, but we love being together as a family and wouldn’t want it any other way," says Lee Watson, who travels with her 16-month-old son Will up to 10 months of every year. "My husband and I always talk about how lucky we are. It’s an unconditional love, which I had never felt before. I also have never enjoyed anything in my life as much as being a mum and caring for my son.”

Married to one of Australia’s top cricketers Shane Watson, the leading sports journalist and television presenter certainly knows a thing or two about touring the world with a child. She first took Will overseas when he was six weeks old to visit Shane in India. “You can never be too organised when it comes to travelling with babies. Always travel at night, particularly when your baby starts sleeping through the night. If we travel during the day, Will is awake for the whole flight, but if we fly at night he generally sleeps most the trip. Also, make sure your little one keeps hydrated as it definitely helps with recovering from jet lag,” says Watson. How does she juggle motherhood with the constant travelling? “My mother Vicki is one of the main reasons I have enjoyed motherhood so much. Fortunately, mum and dad live close by, so with my husband travelling most of the year, mum is always there to help out.”

In person, the petite Watson really is as glamorous and gorgeous as she looks in these pictures taken at the couple's spectacular waterfront home in Sydney's Burraneer Bay. With his sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, her adorable son Will also looks like he has been plucked straight from a Ralph Lauren shoot. What’s so endearing about Watson though is how grounded she is. The self-confessed jeans and T-shirt lover says: “Motherhood has taught me a new found confidence that I never knew before having my son. Before I had Will I would at times get caught up worrying about the little insignificant things in life, but now it’s a whole different story. Will has definitely helped me to realise that it’s the simple things in life that are the most beautiful.”

Watson is also a big believer in trusting your instincts. “A mother always knows best. You can listen to people’s advice, comments and recommendations but at the end of the day, always go with what your heart is telling you. It can be extremely overwhelming when you are trying to find your feet with everything and you are inundated with people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Trust your natural instincts.”

After the birth of her son, Watson put her career as one of Australia’s leading sports television presenters on hold to focus on raising her son. “Once I had Will, I decided I wanted to put him first as being a mum is the most important job for me, particularly when my husband is away so much. Now I am at a stage that I feel like I want to get my work/life balance back in sync again,” she says. Looks like we'll be seeing Watson back on our screens soon. Stay tuned.

Lee’s little list of loves:
Will and I travel up to 10 months every year and are constantly living out of a suitcase so I love being back in our home and doing normal everyday things is the best.
Home cooked meals.
Feeding the birds at our local park.
Yummy coffee that my husband makes for me each morning.
Kisses and cuddles from my little man.
Hot stone massages.
Green smoothies. Will and I have one each morning.
Play dates with my best friends and their children.
Visiting my favourite markets each Saturday for fresh flowers, fruit and vegetables.
Day out on the water driving our boat.

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