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Back To Nature With Vicki Lee and Ted O’Donnell

Ever dreamt of moving to the bush? This creative Sydney couple might just inspire the move...

“There’s a calm energy we all feel when we allow ourselves to be in nature. If you allow that to happen, something really special happens to all of us as one unit. It’s basically a calming element that is actually also invigorating—there’s so much more energy involved in that calm space,” says Vicki Lee who features on My Domaine today with her partner Ted O’Donnell and their one-year-old daughter Yokie. The artist and photographer duo behind Tovl have recently decided to divide their time between Sydney and the Blue Mountains, NSW. They’ve also just launched their striking new collection, Night Rain. To see the full story, go to My Domaine. Photography: Kelly Geddes Styling: Lauren Powell Fashion Styling: Amanda Stavropoulos Hair and makeup: Fern Madden