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The Tale Of Lindy Klim

Lindy Klim is undeniably one of Australia'’s most stylish women. Married to Olympic Games swimming champion Michael Klim and co-founder of natural skincare brand Milk & Co, she’s often photographed out and about dressed in brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and Dion Lee. She also happens to be a Balinese princess (her dad’s uncle is the King of Denpasar) and has her own website where she blogs about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. But strip all of that away and Klim is a down-to-earth mother of three who loves nothing more than jumping in the pool at the end of the day with her three young children Stella, 8, Rocco, 6, and Frankie, 3.

"“I love when the kids come home from school and we all have a swim before dinner. We have family time in the afternoon after school homework has been done. There are no phones, just fun in the pool with no distractions.” It’'s a highlight of her day." There'’s a splash in the pool, along with a glass of wine with her husband. "“When Michael and I put the kids to bed, it’s our time to relax together with a glass of wine!”" she says.

Raised by a Balinese father and Australian mother, Klim lived in Bali until she was three. When her parents divorced, she moved to Hobart with her mother. On the decision to move back and raise children in Bali, she says: “"The spirit in Bali is so accepting and welcoming and it gives my children so much confidence … I feel so blessed to have Bali as my home, where the energy of the island helps me to peace-out and achieve balance. I also have an amazing support network of family and friends who always help with the kids!”".

Klim launched the hugely successful Milk & Co with her husband. "“My background was in modelling and fashion and Michael was an Olympic athlete. When Michael retired from swimming, he was approached by different companies to be the ‘face-of’ their products and we thought that it made more sense to create our own products, so that the business represented something that we believed in and created longevity vs. 'face-of' campaigns’, which seemed so temporary. So we launched MILK, which is KLIM spelt backwards!”" she says. “"Milk & Co is a family company made by a family for families. The products are Australian made, they’re simple and effective, straight forward and good for everyone."

Ambitious and determined, Klim loves the balance of raising children while also working. “"My Mum worked and my grandmother worked, so I always knew that I wanted to combine family with work. I’ve become very good at prioritising and delegating! For me, time management is the hardest part of being a working mum.”" Like a lot of mothers, Klim says the best part is the love: "“There is no other feeling like it on earth!”".

While killer genetics are clearly at play here, it'’s hard not to instantly wonder what Klim does to get such glowing skin. “"I think the best beauty advice that I have ever been given is that beauty comes from within. For me, inner-health affects how I feel and how I look on the outside. I try to nourish my body by eating fresh, organic foods whenever I can and I try to find time each day to meditate and connect. I definitely think that clean eating and a calm state of mind shows on the outside." Her daily beauty routine consists of the following products: Milk & Co Face Cleanser, Milk & Co Invigorate Me Body Wash, Milk & Co Coconut Kiss and Milk & Co Hand Quench. As for exercise, Klim makes sure she includes it in her daily life. "“I like to mix high intensity cardio sessions with my trainer, with a regular practice of Yoga, Pilates and Barre Body.”"

The wonderful Melbourne based photographer Nikole Ramsay very kindly took an afternoon off from her family holiday in Bali (thank you Nikole!) to capture these magical images of Klim and her children at their spectacular Bali home.

Lindy’s little list of loves:
Dresses - I'm having a real romance with dresses at the moment, particularly Marni and Dolce & Gabbana.
Crazy Rich Asians - a very funny book!
Milk & Co Hand Quench - to nourish and sooth my hands.
Milk & Co Coconut Kiss - my new lip balm!
Baby - is where I am eating most nights when I’'m in Melbourne.
Orchard Street juices - I love having these juices delivered to the QT Hotel when I’'m in Sydney for business.
Como Shambhala Bali - is the ultimate destination to relax and reinvigorate in Ubud, Bali.
Dirty French - a very cool restaurant in New York that I went to when I was last in NY for Fashion Week.
Flow Athletic - my favourite athletic studio in Sydney to practice Yoga with Katie Kendall.
Qantas First Class Lounge - I travel so much for business and the Qantas lounge is my retreat when I'm between flights.

Photography: Nikole Ramsay Words: Georgie Abay


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