Links, Lusts and Loves - Amy's Picks For The Week |

Links, Lusts and Loves – Amy’s Picks For The Week

Does anyone else feel a complete sense of overwhelm when faced with the plethora of articles, products and unlimited-must-haves available to us online?

Yep, us too. That’s why we’re introducing our newest weekly feature, where our editors will be sharing their favourite finds from across the web. Consider this your edited list of reading and purchasing. Mindless scrolling and 234897 open tabs: be gone. First up, our Editor-in-Chief Amy Malpass Hahn shares her picks for the week.

Everything By Gemma Hartley

In preparation for an interview with Gemma Hartley, I’ve been consuming all of her compelling musings online. My favourite has been sent on to all of my friends under the header of “MUST READ”, which is her viral article on Harper’s Bazaar: Women Aren’t Nags: We’re Just Fed Up.

A Star Is Born Soundtrack

Yes, I’m very late to the party, but I finally watched A Star Is Born and the soundtrack has been on repeat in my house ever since.

The Net-A-Porter Sale

The Net-A-Porter sale is on, which means I’m now shamelessly indulging my love of Ganni. I’ve added this ruffled maxi dress to my cart for one of my best friend’s upcoming weddings, and I think these classic Sabine slingbacks might be next. I mean, that pale blue suede … How can I resist!?

Figuring Out Screen Time

After a big overseas trip where we used screen-time liberally as a means to keeping the peace on way-too-long-flights, I’m now diving into reading about how to pull back on the addiction. This Goop guide is refreshingly realistic, while still dishing out the hard facts.

The Hunt For Baby Names

With our third baby boy due to arrive in 2019, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel for boy’s names. So I’m knee-deep in the lists of top names from across the world.

Indulging In Pantry Organisation

Anyone who knows me knows that I err on the edge of being an organisational obsessive. Some may call it a quest to maintain control (see: prior mention of three boys …), but I call it key to my sanity. My next conquest is our kitchen cupboards. This guide is getting me started, and for the ultimate in organisational inspiration, The Home Edit is where all my dreams come true. That pantry … Can you even!?

Theatre of Your Mind Presents ... It's 2:47am!

For anyone who has a mild case of 3 am anxiety (umm, isn’t that all mothers?), this piece on McSweeney’s will have you in fits of laughter. Do yourself a favour and read it, if only for another peek into your subconscious mind at 2:47 am.