How To Do The Classic Red Lip 3 Ways

Audrey Hepburn once said: “There is a shade of red for every woman”. The classic red lip has made its mark on history...

Still today, it marks a woman’s confidence, her sense of style and expression. Yet, while striking, it can be quite confronting to wear red, especially if you haven’t before. Here are three ways to wear this stunning colour, feel confident and stay true to yourself.

Photographer: Amanda De SimoneEditor: Isabella Schimid


The finger application

Use a lipstick or a lip stain to gently blot the colour onto your lips with your finger. The result is a barely-there blush of your favourite red that gently stains your lips. This gives a natural look and a plump, matte finish, almost like a bee sting. It’s the perfect way to wear an understated red lip every day.

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The lipstick application

A strong, matte red lip will never go out of style. Apply the lipstick with a lip brush or directly using the lipstick bullet to give you sharp, clean lines and bold, opaque colour. The matte finish will emphasise your lips and the perfect red will complement your style.

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The gloss application

Mix your lipstick with a lip gloss to give a sheer, moisturising touch of colour. Alternatively, you can use a lip gloss that has a red undertone and apply it straight to your lips. This is an effortless, romantic look that is perfect for a warm, spring afternoon.

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