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How-To: Look After Curly Hair

Moisture. Moisture. Moisture...

I can’t say it enough. Curls are naturally very dry so they both really love and need moisture. Remember that how thick the hair is dictates how much moisture you can add. Serums, oils and creams work the best in controlling frizz and curl. Photographer: Steven Popovich | Stylist: Jackie Shaw | Hair: Brad Mullins |Makeup: Isabella Schimid | Talent: TJ IMG Models

Shampooing & Conditioning

When it comes to keeping your curly hair clean, always use a moisturising – or specialised – shampoo and conditioner. First wash your hair thoroughly, then condition into the ends of the hair before massaging the remaining conditioner into the scalp.  

Conditioning Treatments

Once a month, put in a deep conditioning treatment. Some treatments can be left in overnight and washed out in the morning for extra nourishment. Try these…


After thoroughly towel drying, apply a styling cream to damp hair and scrunch in the product to active and define the curl.