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The Tale of Maddison McKay


“Good strong coffee in the morning,” is IMG Client Manager Maddison McKay’s secret weapon for combating sleep deprivation. Coffee from Sydney's Sensory Lab or Rueben Hills, and her Miu Miu Rasoir sunglasses (“a very thoughtful ‘baby present’ from one of my dearest clients”).  Not that she needs help. The new mother is a natural. “I’d say having the lactation consultant visit in the early weeks is an absolute must. I know it would have been a very different experience for me if we hadn’t done this … she helped not only with breastfeeding and advice on how to deal with problems such as mastitis, but also with settling and sleeping techniques. Her advice was invaluable and a savior in those first weeks. Her name is Anne Scollon and she is an absolute saint.”

Home is a beautiful, sunny apartment in Sydney's East, where she lives with her husband, ECD and founder of ideas agency TONGUE Jonathan Pease, and son Kingston, now four months. The nursery doubles as an office and is filled with chic furniture by Danish brand Leander. “We chose Danish designed baby furniture that was white or wooden so that it would fit in with the style of the rest of the house. We have a Leander change table and co-sleeper Bednest.”

McKay recently returned to work part time. “I really missed the mental stimulation and my clients, so couldn’t wait to get back into work. Generally, I work in the office from about 9.30am till about 2.30pm from Monday-Thursday. However I keep this flexible depending on when I need to be at meetings … I’m still exclusively breastfeeding Kingston so I have to stay up late and get up earlier to express enough for him.”



On keeping sane during those early months, McKay says it’s important to still look after yourself. “I try to make sure I still look after myself everyday, even if it’s just 20 minutes in the morning to shower, get dressed for the day and do something with my hair. It makes it so much easier to cope if you feel normal and 'together'. It maybe sounds a little superficial, but if you let yourself look like a wreck, you’ll feel like a wreck.”

Maddison’s little list of loves:
Kingston’s smiles and kisses.
Coffee from Sensory Lab or Rueben Hills.
Miu Miu Rasoir sunglasses – a very thoughtful ‘baby present’ from one of my dearest clients.
Working on business ideas and creative projects with my husband.
Swims at Bondi Beach – with and without Kingston.
Working out at AGOGA gym in Bondi (Kingston comes with me sometimes).
Yoga DVD from Power Living.
Online shopping.
My iPhone and Instagram.

Photography: Julie Adams Make-up: Sarina Zoe Words: Georgie Abay

December 2013


The hardest part of being a mum is the significant loss of ‘me time’.

I miss not being able to just do simple things like go for a run in the morning or a swim at the beach whenever I feel like it – these things need to be planned a lot more in advance now.


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