The March/April issue of our new digital magazine GRACE has just gone live!

The March/April issue of our new digital magazine GRACE has just gone live!

There’s a lot of talk about self-care hacks for busy mums lately. Think about it for a moment...

Do you look after yourself? Do you eat well? Exercise? Meditate? Get enough sleep? I doubt there are many women reading this that answered yes to all of the above. I certainly didn’t, but I am getting better at looking after myself. The March/April issue of GRACE magazine is all about making you glow and inspiring you to take care of yourself. Because if you’re not ok, everything else will fall apart. I still love my coffee, chocolate and wine, but about eight months ago, I started exercising again. And then, because of the exercise, I started eating better. I’m not terribly strict when it comes to diet and exercise and if I feel like a treat, I’ll have it. There’s nothing enjoyable about depriving yourself – it’s not healthy. It’s all about moderation. This issue has been a joy to work on and I’m more motivated than ever before to take care of myself. Our beautiful cover star Calgary Avansino is all about everything in moderation too (“my aim is always balance and never anything too extreme”). We photographed Calgary and her gorgeous brood while they were visiting Sydney. After 16 years in London, the author and British VOGUE contributing editor is moving back to the US. They were taking a few months out to travel and spend quality time together – something we all need to do more often. We’ve also interviewed the extraordinary Aussie supermodel (and mum) Elle Macpherson. She’s the ultimate mumpreneur and we loved chatting about everything from The Super Elixir by WelleCo (it will change your life – try it) to her new Elle Macpherson Body brand. I hope you’re enjoying the first month of autumn (for those of you on this side of the planet!) and love the issue as much as I do. Georgie x To read the issue, go to | Cover image: Julie Adams | Hair and makeup: Sarina Zoe | Art direction: Racquel Thomas from Lucky Tiger Digital