Margherita Missoni on her new collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids

Margherita Missoni on her new collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids

Whether it’s interiors or fashion, the Missoni family are renowned for their iconic prints and bold use of colour, so it’s no wonder that Margherita Missoni's collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids is so bright and vibrant...

From pom pom bedding to ombre baskets, we couldn’t wait to find out more about the new range. So we caught up with the beautiful Italian mother of two boys – Otto and Augusto – to find out more. For more information, go to

Can you tell us about your recent collaboration with Pottery Barn Kids?

My childrenswear line, Margherita Kids, is very much about mixing and matching colors, textures and prints. I seek to create pieces that encourage self-expression and inspire children to explore their individuality. I’ve taken this same design approach to the capsule wardrobe I’ve designed with Pottery Barn Kids. I wanted to create a line of homeware goods that would inspire and empower kids to be imaginative and inventive. The collection is also joyful and whimsical. I’m thrilled with the collection.

What are some of your favourite pieces from the range?

The colorful rugs and the daisy chair are my favorite pieces, for sure.

What did your grandmother Rosita teach you about interiors, colour and print?

Most of what I know about print, colour, and decor, I learned from the women in my life – namely my mother, Angela, and my grandmother, Rosita. Witnessing the way they used – and mixed – print and color in their homes has influenced me immensely and inspired me to use those elements with ease and a spontaneity.

What are the key ingredients of a great kids' space?

Good, soft flooring, a dramatic canopy, a small climbing wall and loads of toy containers.

How did you approach decorating your children's nursery?

I love child-sized furniture and I strongly believe that it’s important for children to be surrounded by furniture that’s both approachable and size-appropriate. I also made sure to incorporate a great, cozy armchair – for reading bedtime stories and for late night calls from my boys.

Can you tell us about your own room when you were a little girl?

Being my parents’ first child, I had a pretty big room with a terrace, which I later shared at times with either my brother, Francesco, or sister, Teresa. We were always allowed to make the spaces our own, decorating for ourselves. Needless to say, the room was childish, colorful and quite messy. I always used to hang my own drawings on the walls, which were also affixed with framed needle-stich works made by my old aunties. I’ve since passed on to my sons many of my childhood belongings, including beautiful painted dressers, artwork, bed linens and embroidered pillows.  

What books do you read to your children?

My favorite children’s book is L’omino Dei Sogni by Gianni Rodari.