Maternally Chic With Bec & Bridge's Bridget Yorston |

Maternally Chic With Bec & Bridge’s Bridget Yorston

The chic fashion designer Bridget Yorston from Bec & Bridge talks us through her maternity style tips and beauty secrets...

What are your pregnancy go-to beauty products?

“Trusted friends, makeup artist Nadine Monoley and hair expert Alan White recently introduced me to Goe Oil. It’’s amazing for dry skin and to rub on a growing belly.

How do you approach maternity dressing?

It was easier over summer as flowing dresses got me through. Now that the weather is cooling down, I’’ve been tempted into all things jersey such as long sleeve jersey dresses and great fitting track pants. Mostly, these can be dressed up with a chic coat and a good pair of trainers. As far as specific maternity wear goes, I’’m not a big fan. In fact, I ordered a whole lot of maternity pieces online the other week and ended up returning it all… – it didn’’t feel right.

What do you love most about being pregnant?

Definitely my second trimester skin and hair – I wish I could bottle that hormone!

What are your five favourite pregnancy essentials?

A great flat sandal that I can wear across all occasions such as my Isabel Marant studded sandals. Good exercise gear –- I find I wear my workout gear regardless of whether or not I plan to exercise. It also helps me feel a bit more motivated to get moving. Sleep. Cookies & Cream ice cream and Arnott’s Mint Slice biscuits. Goe Oil.

What has been most challenging part of being pregnant?

I’’m not sure that I’ have narrowed it down to one most challenging part as I find pregnancy in general challenging. It goes through different phases ranging from nausea and vomiting, aches and pains, weight gain, exhaustion, heightened emotions –- the list could go on.

Do you exercise during pregnancy?

This time around I have exercised throughout my pregnancy. I started exercising a year after my second son George was born, so it felt right to keep going and try to maintain some of the strength I’d built up in that time. I exercise under the careful watch of a very good friend Emily Keenan who runs The Squad Co. (co-owned by Angie Black) – an outdoor fitness training business. Having trained myself and so many of my friends through their pregnancies, Em has become a real expert in this area.” Photography: Julie Adams