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Matressence Retreats Are Helping Mothers To Nourish Who They Are And Who They Want To Be

Balancing motherhood with career, lifestyle and identity has long been considered the ultimate challenge for mothers ... But the team behind Matressence Retreats are asking whether the experience of motherhood may actually be the greatest path of self-discovery.

With their launch of Matressence, a creative retreat for mothers, they’re offering women a chance to connect back to themselves after courageously taking on the new roles, responsibilities and identities that come with the postpartum period.

Set to take place over three luxurious days in Byron Bay, the intimate group will explore their motherhood journey and unlock their creative potential through yoga, self-reflection, guided meditations and expert-led workshops.

Co-founders Kaitlin Tait and Bridget Wood felt called to create the retreat following their own experiences of ‘matresence’ – the transition into motherhood where mothers are often pulled between an intense love for their children and a resilient desire to live out their own personal purpose and passions.

“As mothers,​ ​we not only give birth to new life but also often to new ideas and new businesses, new identities and new contributions to the world. Creating space for self-care, growth and reflection during this time is so important, allowing us to serve ourselves and to help us better serve others” said Bridget Wood.

Knowing the time constraints on new mothers, it was important to create a relaxing, but incredibly valuable retreat experience. Workshops on art therapy, vedic meditation and mindfulness coupled with activities like silent breakfasts, gourmet dinners and gentle yoga will help attendees draw their attention inwards and gain self-perspective beyond the label of “mother.”

Kaitlin hopes women will leave “inspired, reconnected to themselves and their desires, and equipped with a plan for the future that allows them to fulfil their own desires while being a more present partner and mother.”

The first Matressence Retreat is being held March 6-8, 2020 in Byron Bay. Places are limited with early bird tickets now available from $1,655.

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